The Big Clear Out!

I know I have not technically started yet but I have implemented some changes… I am going to track my food in this diary too… I will make sure that the food I buy is within my calorie allowance, portion size etc. I had a look at the Samsung fit app and it looks great but I would spend half my day logging which I just cannot do… if Shane tells me to I will… but hopefully keeping track of it here will suffice.

I cleared out the fridge/freezer/larder, this is one thing I have never done before when starting on any kind of diet/eating plan and it feels good!!! My friend, Emma called over this morning and was soo encouraging… 😊 Looked at some training tops and leggings, I reckon if I had 2 of each I would be grand. I am so looking forward to starting, I know I’ll be crying doing it but it will be so worth it!!!

It’s almost 6pm and I am hungry… Hubby gets home at 8pm and I have been eating with him but that will have to stop, I’m going to make my dinner now. I can have fruit while he has his dinner later. I have been drinking water and peeing non-stop 😆

Ok so I had a stir fry: brocolli, carrots, celery, peppers, onion, garlic and some noodles… I added some low soy sauce and oyster sauce, had it on my new plate and felt quite satisfied. Need to learn how to calculate kcals in that… I made a big pan of it and can have more tomorrow… 😊


Clear Out 1Post Clear Out

45g meusli with 150ml low fat milk
1 slice of Joannes brown soda bread with scraping of butter and banana
1 coffee
1 latte
2 digestives (the pkt is empty now)

2 slices Brown soda bread with turkey slices, tomatos & scraping of lf mayo

1 apple

2lt – I have bought 5 x 2lt bottles of water solely for me!

stir fry: brocolli, carrots, celery, peppers, onion, garlic
low soy sauce
oyster sauce,

6 raspberries
10 blueberries
6 tsp fat free yogurt

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