Friday 28th May 2017
Well today is the day my life changes for the better!! I’m still excited, a little nervous, like I’m going for an interview kind of nervous. I don’t actually know why I’m nervous, I suppose it’s just of the unknown. I’ve just watched a clip about a teenager with anxiety and depression who trained for 5 months and ran the London marathon!! Ok I don’t have an urge to run a marathon but I still felt a connection with her story. I’ve never been medically treated for depression, I’ve gone to counselling and have read many self help books and although I don’t think I suffer with depression I definitely have gone through depressive times in my life, especially since having Sean. Shane, my personal trainer from Sprint Spinning Studio mentioned about the link between fitness and mental health and this is definitely something I’m going to monitor over the coming months.

I haven’t mentioned my back at all, so for the past 8 mths I’ve been suffering with a dislocated rib, which at times has been excruciatingly painful. I’ve had numerous scans etc, all showing I was ‘perfectly normal’ I was on a seriously strong concoction of medication. I had deep tissue massage on a regular basis and physio, they both helped but didn’t fix it. I went to a chiro in February and he diagnosed me with a ‘dislocated rib’. He clicked it back in and well kinda cured me. Although it has popped out a few times, I know he can fix me asap, the pain has been no where near as bad as it was and apart from 2 x nurofen, I’ve been off all medication since February 😊 My chiro thinks this is an amazing opportunity and will almost make him redundant 😊 Although early mornings I still get the ‘bruised’ pain, it actually feels good and really can only get better 😊

So… my 1st personal training session is done and dusted! Thank God! We did a little bit of warm up on the bike, then moved onto exercises… we used a balance ball and weights, we did a plank, a baby plank, which was a complete killer, squats oh and boxing which was great!!! Yes Shane pushed me until I thought parts of my body were going to self combust they were burning so much! Shane was explaining to me about it being a training of the mind as much as it is of the body. He said I worked hard, do I feel I did? Yes, will I try harder next time, absolutely. I did feel at one point that maybe I should be able to do more, I felt that he knew I could do a bit more but I stopped. I don’t want to get hung up on this and I’m sure there will be many more times like this, but for now I think I have done really well and need to just move on 😊

There is a wall infront of where we were training, in the studio, which people who had completed 100 spin classes have signed. I recognised 1 name on the wall, she is the type of lady I would like to become, health wise & active wise, she has that really healthy look. I know that probably sounds crazy but I was using that image to push me through, as far as I could go!

When I walked outside after the class jaysus my legs wouldn’t even walk!! It was hilarious… then them fecking steps at the school near killed me 😁😁😁 I think I deserve an afternoon on the couch with a good film and munchies πŸ˜‰ But no I’m going to hoover and keep somewhat active. I’ve a bit of a headache, I’m presuming it’s a bit of dehydration, I’ve drank my 2lt already but Shane did mention needing another bottle on days when I train, so I’m sipping away 😊

He had mentioned too about not weighing myself, which is fine by me, but having an outfit that I can fit into but wouldn’t be seen in it, that I can try on every so often to see my progress. So I chose my Kymaia black dress. So out came the dress and the camera. The photo does the dress absolutely no justice!

Pain wise I’m ok, every so often part of my body catches me out, like walking up the stairs was a bit of a challenge 😁😁 I went out tonight to a table quiz for the school with Susan (from Sprint Spinning Studio but also a friend), and two other friends, Michelle & Emma. I drove and drank bottled water, I have never bought water in a pub before but like the pink lady apples, I deserve it. I had an apple on the way there and honestly did not feel hungry at all. I had a few grapes and blueberries on way home. Emma asked about buying crisps for the table and Susan very sternly shook her head ‘no’. Which I really appreciated, also conversations about food stopped as I emerged from the toilet 😊 Thank you. I didn’t want any crisps or haven’t since talking to Shane on Tuesday had any desire for chocolate or crap, my mindset is completely on the game 😊

Looking at someone on the Atkins diet makes me even more grateful that I was given this opportunity, to loose weight, get fit and healthy in a totally safe and healthy way. Even things with well know weight loss organisations, which I had very little success with, screams at me ‘no wonder so many people fail at it. The 2 groups I was in didn’t actively promote exercise, in fact 1 leader said you don’t have to exercise to loose weight at all! Ok yes technically you probably don’t but why not encourage such a healthy habit!! Also from a healthy mindset prospective, queueing up week after week to get weighed and been told you’ve gone up or down sets up your mood for that week. Anyhow it’s in the past! Thank you Shane and Susan for giving me this opportunity Xxx

Good night 😊

The Dress
My Kymaia black dress!

Muesli & lf milk 225kcal
1 sl brown soda bread butter & jam 150kcal

1 coffee 20kcal

Roast chicken 150kcal
mixed leaves 10kcal
Tomato 29kcal
2 sl brown 300kcal

Banana 101kcal

Brocolli 25kcal
green beans 25kcal
peas 20g frozen cooked 15kcal
cauliflower (frozen cooked 100g) 24kcal
Quinoa 80g cooked 100kcal
Chicken breast 100kcal

Coffee & milk 20kcal
grapes x 10

2lt + 1lt + 750ml

I did not need 2 slices of bread with lunch, be aware of this in future!

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