Day 2 – 1st Spinning Class

Saturday 29th April 2017
Pain wise I’m feeling OK, yes different parts of my body aren’t working and I find doing things a little harder than I could do them yesterday but I’m not in PAIN!
Sitting outside Sprint Spinning Studio and I’m feeling a little nervous. Well I survived and there was nothing to be nervous about (which I knew!!) I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Lorraine, the Spinning instructor was brilliant. I pushed myself, I tried my hardest to keep up, at my own level, and some, it’s amazing how amazing I feel. I sooo need to bottle this feeling and drink it on bad days!!!

The aches are starting!! As much as I want to sit down for the afternoon, I’m trying to keep active, going shopping now for my 1st ‘healthy’ shop. So before I went I did up a ‘loose’ meal plan, I picked 6 dinners from the Sprint Spinning Studio meal plan, a few lunches and what the others need (hubby & Sean). I went on my own so I was in complete control and not distracted. It went ok, it wasn’t the easiest shopping experience I’ve had, but I stuck to my list and funnily I could hear Shane’s voice in my head when I was considering buying coleslaw and garlic bread!! I went late afternoon which was probably the wrong time, straight after breakfast or lunch would be better. I found myself getting tired and hungry. I contemplated a coffee in Costa but decided against it, not that I fancied a cake, I just think I would have been taunting myself. I did treat myself again to Pink Lady apples, some fresh raspberries, face cream, a new gym top and a nice low fat yogurt. It sounds so silly but I was thinking if we are sitting down tonight watching a movie I really might like more than just a piece of fruit for my snack, so I decided I would have a yogurt and raspberries, my little treat.

I know it’s completely a mind over matter thing, I’m actually not even hungry for or craving chocolate or anything sweet but I suppose it has just become ‘normal’ for me to buy the chocolate and the crisps and have them watching a movie!! I’m working on breaking the habit and I suppose I’m learning a whole new way of life, it will take time. I really don’t feel alone though, I am getting great encouragement from family and some friends, Susan and Shane from the studio are really great, always at the end of the phone. I got so confused about kcals, carbs, fats and sugars and in a text they sorted it for me. I enjoyed my yogurt and raspberries this evening. The aches are getting more achy 🤕🤕 but it’s grand though 😊

Before 1st Spin
Before my 1st Spin Class
After 1st Spin
After my 1st Spin Class


Muesli & lf milk 225kcal
1 sl brown soda bread butter & jam 150kcal


Roast chicken breast 150kcal
mixed leaves 10kcal
Tomato 29kcal
onion 5kcal
celery 5kcal
peppers 15kcal
beetroot 44kcal
1 sl brown 150kcal
Black coffee

Banana 101kcal
Apple 80kcal

Brocolli 25kcal
green beans 25kcal
peas 20g frozen cooked 15kcal
cauliflower (frozen cooked 100g) 24kcal
Quinoa 80g cooked 100kcal
Chicken breast 100kcal

Liberte yogurt 89kcal
10 raspberries 20kcal

2lt + 750ml + 550ml + 550ml + 550ml

Dinner 1

Liberte yoghurts

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