Day 3 – Rest Day (But Stay Active)

Sunday 30th April 2017
I had to laugh when Shane said, you’ll have 2 rest days but I want you to stay active, go for a walk or cut the grass!!! There are 2 men in our house that can cut the grass, not my job!!! I am however going to bring Sean swimming, I reckon the water will help with the aches I’m currently feeling!! Then we might go for a walk in Courtown Woods.

At this moment I feel great, I know there is no difference yet but I do feel different, I don’t feel bloated or fat full. I’m looking forward to having 1 week done and dusted so I have an idea of what to expect and all the 1st’s are over 😊 I just had a yummy breakfast, the only thing is I had a small glass of fresh orange juice, simply because it was poured for me, when I measured it afterwards it was 200ml!! Wow!! Will do without next time… unnecessary calories!! I am however getting used to toast with literally 1/2 g of butter, I’ll soon be using none 😊

Just back from swimming and tucking into a super tasty healthy wrap. I’ve been kicking myself today for not doing this sooner, like 22 yrs ago. I had such an unhealthy relationship with food, its ridiculous!! Anyhow I am doing something now and gotta just focus on that! Hubby is bugging me today, he’s having a ‘lazy’ day, which is fine but has mentioned a few times about wanting the junk food back that I got rid of. I told him he can go shop and buy stuff but I’m not having anything to do with it. I know he shouldn’t have to go without just because of me but seriously just support me!!! I actually can’t believe I’m not yet craving anything, maybe it’s too soon but I am really enjoying the food I have.

Hubby fancied lasagne for dinner so we made it as low fat as possible, lean mince, cheese sauce made with lf milk and we didn’t add cheese to the top. I had mine with a mixed salad, Shane had his with chips. We would have had garlic bread too, before but not today. I was quite satisfied with mine tbh, I love mixing up my salads, I added some gherkins today 😊 After dinner the lads disappeared to the shop, Shane asked did I want anything, my reply was ‘petrol so I can get to spinning tomorrow!’ Just thinking back to before, I would have gladly went to the shop and got a 99 and probably a bar of chocolate. I wouldn’t have even needed it but ate it anyway. I’m going to have my yogurt and raspberries again shortly and I’ll be happy out.

Today I realised, for years I have not liked my body therefore have done nothing nice to it, I only ever get my hair done when it needs it, I never get my legs waxed or nails done and I don’t have a regular moisteurising routine. I was always too embarressed to go to a salon to get waxed or anything, like it’s bad enough me seeing my body without someone else being inflicted to it too!! It’s really not a nice feeling to have, being embarressed about your own body, it’s like I just refused to see what was below my neck. But not anymore, I need to start loving my body again, starting with something as simple as moisteurising after a shower and saving towards getting my legs waxed. They are all only little things but it will all make a big difference 😊

1 boiled egg, slice wholemeal bread, tomato and lettuce
125g ff yogurt
1 clementine
Bl coffee
200ml fresh orange juice (did not need to have this!!)

Banana 101kcal

Roast chicken breast slices 120kcal
mixed leaves 10kcal
Tomato 20kcal
onion 5kcal
celery 5kcal
peppers 10kcal
beetroot 22kcal
1 wholegrain wrap 179kcal
Black coffee

Apple 80kcal

115g Lasagne (made with lf milk for cheese
sauce, lean mince, veg, 2 pasta sheets)
No cheese grated on top 200kcal
175g Mixed salad (gherkins, celery, lentils
& sprouts, tomatoes, scallions, beetroot,
peppers, lettuce) 120kcal

Liberte yogurt 89kcal
10 raspberries 20kcal


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