Day 4 – 1st Spin Class With Shane

Monday 1st May 2017

So today is my 1st spin class with Shane in Sprint Spinning Studio Gorey, am I nervous, ohh Yes!! Ah no if I can do what I did at the last class in their Arklow Studio, and some more, I’ll be happy 😊 My body actually feels ok today, I did sneeze earlier and every muscle in my tummy hurt, my legs and arms are ok, although I am reluctant to tell Shane that as he’ll just crank up the training, β€œnot sore need to do more” πŸ˜…
Well I can honestly say I worked my ass off and am happy with what I pushed myself to do. I do find, mentally, going for a class in the morning sets me up for a good day. I feel determined not to do anything that will counteract the benefits of the class and I think I would be buzzing way too much to go home, relax and go to bed! The class was full today, a good few regulars but all of different shapes and sizes. All different styles and makes of athletic wear too so going back to a previous log, as long as I am comfortable in what I am wearing, it really does not matter and should not be a factor in not going to a class!! Thats one of the things that is so great about Sprint Spinning Studio, everyone fits in and feels welcome!

1st Spin Class with Shane

So today hubby decided we’d go out have a look around the shops and get lunch/dinner somewhere, I could choose. We were heading Arklow direction and really Arklow isn’t the best town for ‘healthy spots to eat in’, we ended up in Jack Whites. I ordered a veg soup with one slice of brown bread for starters and a chicken salad for mains, I asked for certain things on and off the salad and it was perfect. I had coffee instead of dessert and honestly it did not bother me not having one. We went for a walk in Kilmacurra afterwards and it really was an enjoyable afternoon, except for the constant toilet breaks πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Sean & Amanda 1st May

I have to say I am now shattered, I think I’ll be in bed early tonight. I am really looking forward to the Small Group Personal Training tomorrow with Sprint in Oceo Spa, Seafield Hotel, and heading straight to the pool afterwards 😌 it’s a nice treat to look forward to every week 😊

45g nas meusli, 150ml lf milk
1 x brown bread toast with jam
Bl coffee


Veg soup 150kcal
1 sl brown bread 150kcal
Roast chicken breast slices 120kcal
mixed leaves 10kcal
Tomato 20kcal
onion 5kcal
peppers 10kcal
Black coffee

Liberte yogurt 89kcal
10 raspberries 20kcal

Mixed salad (gherkins, celery, lentils
& sprouts, tomatoes, scallions, beetroot,
peppers, lettuce) 80kcal
1 wholemeal wrap 210kcal



Brown Bread


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