Day 5 – My First Small Group Personal Training Session At Oceo Spa!

I’m a little early for the Small Group Personal Training and am just sitting outside enjoying the weather. This log has now turned into a blog, there’s my ‘before’ picture out there on social media for everyone to see!! How do I feel? Mortified but even more determined to see this through and have an amazing ‘after’ picture!! People, even strangers, have been really good leaving words of encouragement and well wishes. Although I am doing this for me and my family and I am already 100% dedicated, the words of encouragement and support will certainly help me along the way 😊 so Thank you very much Xxx
Sprint Spinning Studio’s Small Group Personal Training was great, hard work but great. It’s funny I’ve always looked at exercise (other than walking) as a chore. I’ve never enjoyed it, I’ve suffered afterwards and given up easily. I don’t think I’ve ever completed 4 training sessions in a week and felt so good!! Don’t get me wrong, it is hard, my body aches but I feel amazing!! There were times throughout the class when Shane, our personal trainer would show us what we were to do and we’d just look at him and I knew some of the others were thinking exactly the same as me ‘ehh not a chance my body is going to do that’ but surprisingly it did! However, afterwards all the burning, aching and the still saddle sore bum all got washed away in the fab Oceo Spa Thermal Suite, OMG it was a little piece of Heaven on a Tuesday morning! Included with the Small Group Personal Training is access to the Thermal Suite before or after training. When I say the training, the panting, the pushing, the burning feeling is worth it, I mean it IS SOO WORTH IT! The outside hot pool, you could die happily in there, it is like a gigantic hot bath, with hot jets and bubbles. Roll on next Tuesday 😌

My chiropractor has just pushed my next apt out 3 weeks, he said the training will really help strengthen my back which will help keep it all in place 😊 I’m delighted 😊

Driving around today in the heat, my Dad said, without even thinking “I think it’s a day for an ice-cream” so we headed off to the garage and himself and Sean got ice-creams. I was quite happy planning out my Mam’s ‘healthy birthday dinner’ in my head. What was I marinading the steak in and what was I adding to the salad tonight? When I got home I started preparing it straight away and it turned out delicious. We had steak marinated in oyster sauce and light soy sauce, potato with low fat mayo (1 tsp) & chopped fresh coriander, my usual mixed salad with small chopped avacado. It was absolutely delicious even the hubby loved it 😊


I can honestly say I didn’t have an urge to get an ice-cream today, I did think how hard I had worked this morning and how bloody stupid I have been over the years. Why couldn’t I have done something, enough people told me I should but I just ignored it, thought I’d sort it, seriously I am so annoyed with myself right now. I know having regrets is of no help to me what so ever and I need to let it go but I do think every so often on this journey, regret is going to raise its ugly head and I need to just let it in and move it swiftly on.

By 7pm I was fit for bed but as usual there was lots to be done, most importantly Sean’s bedtime story, since Christmas we’ve been reading Roald Dahl books and loving them, guess what one we are reading at the moment… yep… Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you’ve got to just laugh at the timing 😁😁

Charlie & The Choc Fac

Tomorrow will be my 1st class with Ruth, one of the instructors in Sprint Spinning Studio Gorey,  it is Spin-Core… your guess is as good as mine 😁 but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it just as much as the other ones!

45g nas meusli, 150ml lf milk 225kcal
1 x brown bread toast with jam 150kcal
Bl coffee


Superfood wrap (quinoa, carrots, beetroot, leaves) 279kcal
Coffee & lf milk 15kcal


Mixed salad (avocado, celery, lentils
& sprouts, tomatoes, scallions, beetroot,
peppers, lettuce) 80kcal
Lean beef marinated 200kcal
2 x potatos 100kcal

Liberte yogurt 89kcal


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