Day 6 – Spin Core

I arrived at the Gorey studio today and met an old friend from school, which was great 😊 We quickly got into the 25min spinning part of the Spin Core class at Sprint Spinning Studio, oh holy moly I honestly thought I was going to collapse, ok maybe that’s a slight exageration, but I did find it tough! I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up with the fast spinning, out of the saddle spinning, hill spinning, but I did!! I was never more happy to be told to get off the bike and get onto the mat though. 20 mins of core exercise followed, by goodness it was tougher but really good. I reckon after all this training even my toes are going to have muscles 😁. So todays class was with Ruth, my Saturday class was with Lorraine in Arklow and Mondays class, 1:1 Personal Training and the Group Personal Training is with Shane. I have to say I like the variance and I think I’ll stick with that. It’s great that they have the different instructors, studios and type of classes 😊

So that’s it, I have completed my 5 training sessions for the week and I am still standing… WOW!! So as a little treat to myself I bought a delicious selection of berries & grapes!!


And ‘No’ they are not being served with whipped cream 😁 Tomorrow is another rest day and I’ve just heard that Sean’s school is closed, yippeee, ‘rest day’ might just turn into ‘duvet day’ 😊

Well my lesson learned today was to be a little more organised if I have to go out late afternoon! I had planned on making chicken kiev and chips (I know!! But it’s part of the meal plan Sprint Spinning Studio gave me, so happy days) anyhow I didn’t prepare it and got home later than planned… STARVING!! There was no way I could prepare and then wait for it to cook so I ended up with the leftover beef from dinner last night & superfood salad from lunch!! I need to be more prepared, at least if I just had to turn on the oven, it would have been far better!! Anyhow, lesson now learnt!!

I had a bit of a wobble this evening, I was attaching the photos to the log and seeing me in the photo hit a very raw nerve, I know I’m big/fat whatever, but seeing me in that photo makes it very real to me. It upset me and I know that’s ridiculous because I am finally doing something about it, but it still hurts. Everyday since I started on this journey I have questioned if I can get through it, the spinning, the exercising, the low cals and every day I get that little bit more determined to get through it, to get to the end and get that photo that I will be happy to look at!!

Amanda & Ruth
Ruth & Me! 

If any one of you are struggling with loosing weight and want to start on an exercise routine I would highly recommend calling Sprint Spinning Studio, not once in my last five sessions have I felt anyway uncomfortable, did I mention they don’t have mirrors in their studio’s! You are encouraged to push yourself to YOUR limit, go to YOUR pace, they even supply your towel!

45g nas meusli, 150ml lf milk 225kcal
1 x brown bread toast with jam 150kcal
Bl coffee

Apple 80kcal

Superfood wrap (quinoa, scallions,carrots, beetroot, leaves) 279kcal
Coffee & lf milk 15kcal

Coffee & lf milk 15kcal

Berries 100kcal

Superfood salad (quinoa, carrots, scallions, beetroot, leaves) 100kcal
Lean beef marinated 100kcal
Brown bread 150kcal

Berries 60kcal
Banana 101kcal


Quinea Wrap
Quinoa Wrap



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