Day 7 – Well Deserved Rest Day

I’m thinking my little wobble yesterday was as a result of being tired, maybe even exhausted. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard both physically and mentally in my life. I’ve also been on a complete adrenaline rush all week. I have absolutely loved it all though, long may this feeling continue!

Breakfast, I like knowing what I’m having for breakfast before I come downstairs. I find if I have to think about it, I would end up eating more than I need too. So for at least ‘school days’ I have meusli, toast, fruit and coffee. I have these very cute little jars which I measured the meusli and milk into, so now I know every morning how much I can have without having to constantly weigh it 😊 In the photo it’s a teaspoon of jam, which actually is too much for the toast, so that has cut back to 1/2 tsp. I’ve dropped the butter, for now, while I’m in this ‘intense training’ (well to me it’s intense), I’m limiting the amount of unnecessary calories where possible, tbh I would rather save the butter for a baked potato or roastie 😚 Obviously my fruit changes with whatever is in the fruit bowl or if I am heading to a class I like to have a banana afterwards, I find I’m quite hungry after class, amongst other things 😊

Brekki 1

I’ve decided to set myself a little ‘goal’, do you remember me telling you about the 100th Wall in Sprint Spinning Studio in Gorey? You sign your name on it permanently when you have done 100 spins. Well on my 39th Birthday, 26th January 2018, I want to sign my name on that wall! I’ve worked it out, it is 39 weeks away, so I need to do 3 classes a week for 34 weeks! That’s doable 😊 3 down 97 to go!!

My body is tired today, I half expected for my core to be all sore but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t do much on my ‘rest day, usual tidying etc but I didn’t go for a walk or cut the grass, I just didn’t feel able!

I can hardly believe I’ve completed a week, 5 training sessions, followed a low calorie diet and kept a log of it all! I do feel great, however everyday I have had brief moments of ‘wtf am I doing? can I keep going?’, these moments haven’t lasted long, thankfully. I think it’s because my mind is fully onboard and can already feel a difference 😊 I’ve just taken my Week 1 photos, I won’t be sharing them week by week, I’ll just keep them and hopefully over time I’ll see the difference 😊, it’s just good to have them, my apolgies to the unfortuneate photographer 😂😂

I’ve played it very safe this week with my food, but I think I’m ready to start getting adventerous! I’m going to select different recipes, even try things I haven’t tried before, make them, then over a few weeks I should have gathered a nice little bank of recipes I can pull from 😊 so keep an eye on the blog! Today I made cucumber filled with salmon, lf cream cheese & sweetcorn. They were delicious!! I also made chicken kiev for dinner which went down a treat and already have an order in for one next week!! We are going to set up an Instagram page where we will post some receipes etc but we’ll let you know when it’s up and running 😊

Tomorrow is PT (personsal training) with Shane, I’m looking forward to it, especially the boxing 👊👊


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