Day 10 – Family Day Out

This morning I awoke at the crack of dawn, when I went to get out of bed all around my hips and tummy ached! All good aces though so I didn’t mind. We were heading off up to Dublin for the day to our nephews communion. I was determined to stay on track so started my morning with my usual breakfast 😊. I packed fruit, water and a mixed salad to bring with me, just in case! I had thought about buying an outfit for today but decided not too, I really don’t plan on staying this size for much longer, so I wore what I had wore out last week to the table quiz. To my huge surprise everything fitted better, the arms in my top felt a little looser, around my hips there was a small difference, I even went to the next notch on my belt! Well now, I was only chuffed and even more determined than ever!!

Amanda 7th May 2017

After the mass and the photos we headed to Lamb Doyles, carvery was on the menu. I asked for a half portion of the beef with veg, no mashed potato or gravy. What I had was perfect, except I do think the carrots had some butter on them but it was ok 😊 no one got dessert so that was grand. We headed over to the party for the communion after dinner. There was party food here, but I just drank my water and wasn’t bothered by the food. We ended up leaving before the ‘crisp butties’ were served. I got home and made myself a veg stir fry, it was delicious!! We had a lovely day and as long as I’m prepared and plan in advance, I think I’m going to be just fine 😊.

Photoshoot… when I get to my 4st goal and I am more comfortable in my body, I am going to organise a photoshoot for my family, we have no nice photos of the three of us. I obviously hate getting my photo taken and wouldn’t dream of getting one enlarged & framed for the sitting room wall!! So that’s that, come October I want to have a family photo done! 📷


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