Day 9 – Meet the lovely Lorraine😊

I’m just out of spinning class in Sprint Spinning Studio Arklow and I have to say, it’s no word of a lie, I really enjoyed it, I think I’m falling in love with spinning!! I am sweating, I look like a tomato and am slightly wobbly on the legs but I feel great. I can’t quite get the hang of the cycling fast while out of the saddle, it’s like my brain and legs can’t work in unison with each other, while going faster, it’ll come I’m sure 😊

Lorraine & Amanda
Sprint Spinning Studio’s Lorraine & Me!

I’ve planned a nice rice salad for lunch, will let you know how that goes. The rice salad is really yummy. The receipe is at the bottom of this blog post, the amount would easily serve 2/3 people. I served mine on a bed of mixed leaves with a small portion of tinned salmon. Delicious and I’m feeling full 😊

Today marks the 12th day for me without chocolate!! I know some of you might find that strange that it would even be a ‘big deal’, but for me it is. I love(d) chocolate, my favourite was Cadbury’s twirl. For my 30th birthday, work colleagues gave me a shoe box filled with 1 bar twirls. Chocolate was never safe in my house, if I knew it was there, I would need to eat it. I wouldn’t say I over indulged on chocolate, if I had 1 bar a day, I was happy. I was also happy to eat another if it was bought or given to me. I remember a few years ago Sean was a toddler, I went into the garage to pay for the petrol and the cashier said ‘….and a twirl?’ Of course I said yes but walked away feeling shit! OMG it was that bad!! I tried to give up chocolate for a while but it didn’t last!. It actually sounds a little bit crazy that I am even writing about this but something just triggered all these memories today. I’ve had headaches for the past week but today it seems to have eased a lot but I’m getting almost like flashbacks of my bad eating habits and I feel I need to ‘put it out there’. One other flashback is only back in March, I walked into Tesco and seen the Easter eggs 3 for €5… you can imagine my delight!! Obviously I bought a load, €25 worth! I can honestly say I ate at least 5 eggs before Easter!! I have this overwhelming feeling of guilt too, I mentioned before that I feel I inflicted my sweet tooth (addiction) on other people, but the one I’m most guilty about is my son, who I want more than anything to develop a healthy relationship with food! Anyhow last week we were in Jack Whites, he couldn’t possibly eat another bite of his dinner. The waiter asked did he want ice-cream and of course Sean said ‘yes please’… when I reminded him he was full, his reply struck a nerve ‘but Mam ice-cream melts so it’s not really food’… What have I done? I have ALWAYS made room to have dessert and now my 7yr old son is too!! So far I haven’t even been tempted to have anything sweet, I have been on a complete buzz all week, which has kept me focused on my goal and plus the fact I’m afraid Shane would find out and crank up the exercise even more!! To be honest though, at this very moment I don’t want it, look what I have done to myself by eating it, I never want to be at this weight again and if that means no dessert and no chocolate, so be it!!

Myself and the hubby went shopping today, we didn’t need to get much, I had a list but wasn’t in ‘total control’. It went quite well though, he asked about buying frozen chicken goujons, i told him he could get them for himself but I had planned on making my own fresh, he didn’t buy them, he raised his eyebrows at my pink lady apples but I quickly drew his attention to the price of chocolate and dorritos… he was happier with the apples!! Our shop was definitely ‘healthier’ than before, we bought no ‘treats’ apart from liberte 0% fat yogurts for me and a fancy yogurt for him, he got what he needed for his lunches, barr chocolate of any description and I got what I needed to keep me on track. All in all I’m happy and know if I plan ahead and be prepared I should be just fine 😊

Tomorrow we have our nephews Communion. We will be gone all day long, eating out twice, one of the meals will be pub grub and the other ‘crisp butties’. I have already prepared a salad to bring with me to have instead of the butties, I’ll also bring plenty of fruit and of course my water!! I will be fine, I know I will! And I always have the wise words of my Personal Trainer, Shane..

‘nobody is forcing you to eat it, so just don’t eat it!!’


75g (uncooked weight) brown rice, cooked
1 red pepper, chopped
2 scallions, chopped
1 tbsp frozen garden peas
1 tbsp jalepenos, chopped (useless if you don’t like spicey)
1/2 zest of lime
1/2 juice of lime
1 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped
Splash of extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper to season

Mix it all together in a bowl, leave it for an hour to release all the flavours, Enjoy.

Rice Salad
Rice Salad

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