Day 11 – An Apple A Day

Feeling really good this morning, had a great sleep and woke feeling good 😊 I’m not sure if it’s all in my head or what but I definitely feel more flexible, I definitely have more energy and I don’t have that sluggish feeling! Mam said this morning that she can see a difference… super chuffed with that. Off now to Spinning with Shane.

That was my 5th spinning class, I’m definitely getting more used to it, bum still a bit sore but hopefully a few more classes and that’ll sort itself! I love the bit of craic there is, as a fellow spinner said ‘it doesn’t make it easier, just more manageable!’ Even the music is good. I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying exercising! I would say to anyone who is ‘thinking about’ getting out and doing something, book a spinning class, during the 1st class you’ll swear your never coming again, after the class you’ll feel so amazing you’ll want to book another. Take it from me, you are never too big to ride a bike!! Just bring water and a healthy snack for the car journey home! I find if I don’t bring something with me, I am ravenous by the time I get home… which is not good!

Weekends are definitely my challenge, as much as I wasn’t tempted over the weekend and I did stay on track, today I just feel things are easier. I do think it’s important to identify what your challenges are and how best you can face them. I just find without the normal school routine, things can go astray. We would usually get a takeout or eat out once over the weekend, our preferance would have been indian or pizza but as much as I will miss these, I’d rather give up them all to be healthy & fit!! I am thinking of doing a spinning class on both sat & sun, I know for sure if I go to a class, I will definitely stay on track! I also just need to be prepared.

I made a dinner tonight that a chef in work made for my hubby and told him how to make it, it was pork mince (when buying it from the butcher I asked her to remove the fat from the pork chops before mincing) I fried it without adding any oils, then I added chilly flakes, onion, 2 x chicken stock cubes with approx 150ml water, let it all simmer for ages. Hubby had his with noodles, I had a a small bit just to taste, it was really nice and tasty!! I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly had pork mince, when I fried it, there was very little fat! I might need to go look up more recipes for it!!



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