Day 12 – Temptation Tuesday

I had a spring in my step this morning knowing that no matter how hard Shane worked us, I could wash all my aches away in the Thermal Suite at Oceo Spa afterwards!! By god did he work us hard, squats with kettle bells, using the exercise ball while raising weights up and down and not forgetting planks, baby planks, long planks and side planks! Next time we’re strapping 12st to Shane’s waist to see if he finds it as easy 😅😅 My glutes, thighs and lower back gave in at one point, I just couldn’t keep them suspended in mid-air, so down I went. I hate giving in, I do like to push myself but sometimes it’s just not possible!! I find with the squats that I can’t stick my hips back far enough, it’s like I’m almost afraid to go back in case I topple over! Again with practice I’m sure I’ll get there!! It’s a good thorough workout, targets all parts of your body. I was saying to another lady that it’s a really good way to get back into exercising, if you haven’t been in a while, or ever!! We were saying how after week 1 your wrecked, week 2 you feel better and start looking at ways to improve your diet, then hopefully week by week you’d do that little bit more!! The huge added bonus of the Small Group Personal Training with Sprint in Oceo Spa is the access to the most idyllic spa around!!

I’ve managed to injure myself a little bit, somehow or another I hurt my tailbone. I think its just due to the new and sudden amount of saddle time I’m doing on the bike! The gel saddle covers Sprint Spinning Studio have definitely help!  It only bothers me when I sit back on a chair, bike, seat etc. However my days are now changed, so my rest day is Wednesday this week, I’ll be going to Jennifer’s Spinning Class in Arklow on Thursday at 10am 😊 Hopefully my body will behave it self and get better, there’s just no time to be injured on this plan!!

I have decided to rename today ‘TEMPTATION TUESDAY’ for some reason my Dad brought home 4 fresh cream cakes. When I asked him why 4, he just shrugged his shoulders!! At first they didn’t bother me, but then while I was waiting the 25mins while my rice was cooking, they were taunting me! I said to my Dad “I’m going outside and when I come back they need to be gone!” And they were, I’ve no idea where they went but they were gone!! Then Sean’s friend’s mother arrived with McDonalds for Sean, luckily I was just sitting down to eat my dinner, chicken stirfry and was happy not to pick at Sean’s dinner. Then hubby rang and asked would I put on his dinner, he was running super late, steak and chips, how I stopped myself from robbing a chip I honestly don’t know but I did, instead I sat down and ate my liberte yogurt and savoured every spoonful! I decided to get myself off to bed shortly afterwards so I’d be ‘safe’!! When will I get over this? I hope it was just a ‘one off’ kind of day!!

Amanda at Oceo
Me at Oceo Spa, Seafield Hotel!


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