Day 13 – Inspire Me😊

I can feel the workout from yesterday, around my hips, legs and arms… before I would have thought ‘uhh I’m in agony, exercise hurts so much’ now I’m like ‘Woohoo it’s working 😁‘ Today is a rest day because of my stupid tailbone, but I’m planning on staying active so on my agenda is clean, hoover, mop the house, change the beds and clean the bird poop off my windows!! (I love having the birds but seriously I wish they’d potty train themselves & stay away from my windows!!) Then I want to create my ‘herb garden’. Moving to the countryside I had these wild notions of having a veg patch, chickens etc, but unfortunately I’ve killed everything living in my house (bar my family!!), so this summer I’ve decided to start small, grow a decent herb garden! I love using fresh herbs but find some of them impossible to grow, Coriander being my biggest failure!! So if you’ve any tips for me, please tell me😊

A few people have said to me over the last few days, I was thinking of getting back into bed but then thought of you heading to your spinning class and I went for a walk instead, or I’ve been thinking about going back to spinning but haven’t booked a class… but now I have, etc etc 😊 This makes me happy, I’m inspiring them but what they don’t realise is that they are inspiring me, they have the nice figure, the lovely clothes but yet they still need to work out, even if it’s only once or twice a week, it’s keeping up that healthy relationship with their bodies and that’s my goal, to get to the point they are at! So ladies please keep inspiring me and I’ll keep inspiring you 😊

Today was a grand day, I kept busy cleaning my house, I barely sat down at all! Had a lovely tuna salad for lunch and put a bit of effort into making an even nicer beef salad for dinner, which hubby devoured!!

Tuna Salad

Felt like I was missing out on my Spin class today, so I’m really looking forward to Spin & Tone tomorrow with Jennifer in Sprint Spinning Studio Arklow!!

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