Day 14 – WooHoo 2 Weeks Down!!

A friend asked me yesterday had I weighed myself yet, the first day I met with Shane he told me to bring my weighing scales to him and that from then on he would do my measurements, so nope I haven’t. I know what my starting weight was but have no idea what my different measurements were, which is good because I would be tempted to take out my own measuring tape and measure myself!! The whole addiction to weighing yourself is a major part of the problem, I think! I know in the past it has seriously messed with my head!! I went to a weekly weigh in class, if I was down, even just 0.5lb I’d ‘treat’ myself, mostly with coffee and cake or lunch in Partridges, if I was up, I’d console myself with the same treat!! It’s only been 2 weeks and although I am eager to know if there is a small difference, I am more eager to get to the 4 week mark when I will have my first measurements and weight taken since starting on this journey and hopefully see a big difference!! I took my weekly photograph today and at first I didn’t think there was a difference but when I put the 3 photos together, I think there is… I’m not letting myself get obsessed with the photos or my clothes, I am focusing on how I feel. I feel great, I feel like I am working hard in the classes and I am sticking strictly to my eating plan, I feel healthier, I feel like I have more energy and I feel like I am doing something finally that will have a huge positive impact on my body 😊

On my way to class this morning I needed to get petrol, as I was getting out of my car I went to grab my purse but stopped myself and instead I took out a €20 note. I put exactly €20 worth of petrol into my car, went in paid and walked out, Happy! Why? you ask, if I had of brought in my purse I would have been tempted to buy something, not necessarily something sweet but something, Why? Because it’s habit… 3 weeks ago I probably would have bought a pain au chocolate or a scone…. I know it sounds ridiculous but I had to make a contious effort to just bring in and put in exactly what I needed today. I needed nothing but petrol, I had my banana & water in the car, but yet I was still going to buy something!! Day 1 of breaking that habit!!

Spin & Tone was great, I met another member of the Sprint Spinning Studio team, Jennifer, who is just lovely, bit of a chatterbox, like me 😊 she gave me a few ‘salad’ tips which was great, Thanks Jennifer. We seemed to get through the spinning part quite quickly, although it was 25mins, then we moved onto toning. Just as Jennifer said ‘I assure you, no arms will fall off during this program’ my arms were slowly screaming and leaving my body…. The little weights are very deceiving, you think, ah I’ll start with the light ones and work up to the next ones, but hold them up for a while and your literally looking to swap them for feathers!! I would recommend anyone who has any issues with their upper arms to book into that class, I thought it was really good and will be returning!! My left arm is seriously lacking strength though and tomorrows boxing with Shane is going to be hilarious!!

A friend came over for lunch, we were going to meet in Arklow but I would still be a bit unsure about choosing a lunch that keeps me on track. I know that probably sounds ridiculous but at least if I am at home I know more or less what I can and cant have or what portion size I can have. I will need to suss out a few places over the coming months and see what the menus are like but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Anyhow, last night I text my friend and asked her not to bring anything sweet, there was no need to bring anything… but she arrived with the most beautifully smelling bunch of fresh rosemary 🌿🌿 it was so nice and so thoughtful 😊 Thanks Kajsa xx

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