Day 15 – Go Book That Class!

Today was a great day, I had Personal Training with Shane this morning and although it was probably the toughest I’ve ever worked, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to tell you what Personal Training is actually like for me, but first I’ll tell you what I thought Personal Training was! I am keeping this honest, please do not be offended, but I always thought the only people who had a personal trainer were rich yummy mummies or fit people who wanted to challenge themselves even more! I never thought a Personal Trainer would actually WANT to help someone who is ‘morbidly obese’ (my Dr’s words, not mine), super UNFIT and with a little less than a penny in her bank!! Oh god how wrong I was and how RIDICULOUS I feel!! I also want to apologise for ‘stereo-typing’ people!

Personal Training for me is:-

Affordable, they have a price per session and you can agree with them how often you need a session, taking into consideration your budget and alternative exercise you can also do to keep the price down in between sessions. For me, I’m spinning in between. Flexible, can be worked around your work/life schedule (within reason)Eager to help you be a healthier and fitter you, regardless of your size. Will work with your goals so long as they are realistic and healthy. Probably cheaper than a counsellor but helps you more than a counsellor! Think about it, he/she will help you get healthy both body & mind, establish a healthy eating plan (if requested) and make you feel good about yourself again!

My typical Personal Training session includes a warm up on the bike, here Shane asks me how my week has gone, answers questions, explains how & what is happening with my body, discusses future plans/goals etc. My heart rate has started to rise at this stage. The exercises he has me doing vary week by week, squats, backward squat things, lifting weights, boxing (I’ll come back to this), exercises using the exercise ball in various different ways and of course he throws in a plank!! The exercises are tough, I push myself, I use different techniques to try push myself a little more, I read the names or count the names on the 100th Spin Wall in Sprint Spinning Studio, I count in my head, I try focus on my breathing, I close my eyes…. then I collapse in a heap 😊 ah no that only happens with the plank on the ball!! During the boxing I feel like my lungs could explode and my arms will fall off, I am sure I look a sorry state!! But I keep going because even though it was only my 3rd Personal Training session I feel I am pushing that little bit harder and lasting that little bit longer. While I was doing my stretches at the end, completely out of breath, sweating like I don’t know what and numb all over πŸ˜‰, I asked Shane was I really bad at this or were other people as bad as me in so far as sweating, out of breath etc. and his answer was ‘that was a vigorous workout you just did, and you did it well’ . Well I have to say I was super chuffed, I honestly thought I was an unfit disaster 😊 So if you are afraid to go to a spinning class or to book a Personal Training session at Sprint Spinning Studio because you’ll be the only one sweating, panting and looking like a tomato, please don’t let that stop you, it’s a sure sign you are working your body hard 😊

After class I ran (figuratively not literally) into Super Valu, at the checkout the girl asked was I ok… you can imagine the state of me, I told her where I had been and she proceeded to ask about the session and the spinning classes. Before I would have been mortified, today not so much!

This evening I treated myself to my all time favourite body wash & moistering lotion, Why? Because I deserve it 😍 I also bought a few new food items that I will introduce into my eating plan this coming week so if you have any recipes please please send them on.


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