Day 16 – Trying New Things

Up until today I have only had one gym outfit, so it was always a case of having to wash and dry it for the next day, so today I bought new leggings and two new tops, all from Tesco. I was delighted when I tried on the x-large leggings and they were too big!! The whole lot came to just over €40, which isn’t too bad considering I’ll get a lot of wear out of them over the coming months!!

I was spinning in Sprint Spinning Studio Arklow today with Lorraine (instructor), it was a really good class, I think I spent most of it with my eyes closed trying to focus on getting through each song. It’s hilarious, I have little conversations in my head ‘come on Amanda you can do it, think of your goal, think how great you’ll feel after class, think of the weight you’ll loose, the new clothes you’ll need to buy, how great you’ll feel and hopefully look, come on just a few more spins’ then Lorraine tells us to slow down and roll off the resistance dial 😊 I do actually feel like collapsing off the bike at the end of class but once the stretches are done and you’ve refilled your water, that feeling has gone and you just feel great for completing the class 😊

This day 6yrs ago we got married 😍 and when I look back over the photos I cringe at the size of me… I was 2st lighter than I am now but still overweight. I’ve said to hubby a few times that we are having another wedding once I reach my all time goal!! Maybe I’ll just have a party though 😁

For lunch I made bruschetta using wholemeal bread for the base. It was really tasty and went down a treat! Tonight for dinner I tried mackerel, in a small pan I cooked frozen garden peas & parsley in a small amount of veg stock, I added 1/2 tin of mackeral and brought it all to the boil, I then poured it over cooked wholemeal spaghetti, it was delicious!!

I’m feeling tired today, a good tired, an ‘I’ve worked hard this week’ kind of tired and I am on the couch for the first time all week. Tomorrow is my rest day but I am hoping to do something energetic with my son Sean, (hubby working). We might head up to Ballyfad woods or something… for now though it’s movie night!



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