Day 17 – I Can Feel A Difference

I can definitely feel a difference around my tummy!! My tummy is definitely starting to come up and in… I absolutely hate my tummy, after I had a section on Sean it just never went away. I think I hated it so much that in a weird way I allowed myself get bigger to avoid dealing with it. I can’t tell you how much I hate it though, it makes me flinch if anyone touches it, especially hubby. Some people hate floppy arms or big boobs, but for me it’s my tummy, so with that gradually starting to disappear it just gives me even more motivation and determination to see this through. I was driving to Gorey during the week and thought, can I really last a summer without a 99 from Inch garage? Can I really not eat chocolate, Dorritos or pizza’s for a very long time to come? Then something like this happens, I feel a difference, someone compliments how I look, I make a delicious yet simple meal and think, yes you can, I’ve had my fair share of 99’s, chocolate bars etc and look where it’s got me, I can do this!!

Today 14th May is our anniversary, 23yrs ago we first kissed and 6 yrs ago we tied the knot, finally. I had planned on making us a nice breakfast, but hubby had to go into work so I invited my Mam down instead. I took a recipe from a book I have and made poached eggs and bacon with spicy tomato salsa, it was delicious and quite low cal 😊 Today happened to be a day of yummy meals, for lunch we tried a new soup, pumpkin & red lentils, which was yummy and very filling, evan Sean(my son) liked that one! Then for dinner we had a homemade burger (minus the bun) with salsa, wholemeal pasta (which by the way no-one has noticed I’ve introduced instead of white pasta) with lean bacon, sundried tomatoes & a sprinkling of parmegiano. I have to say I really enjoyed trying new recipes today, I do enjoy cooking as long as people eat it!! One thing I did miss making today was dessert but the lads got an ice-cream and I had my liberte yogurt so all was right in the world 😊

This afternoon I was determined to get out into the fresh air and go for a walk… we didn’t venture far, just up to Ballyfad woods, hubby was working so my Dad came along with Sean. It was probably only about a 2 mile walk but it was a nice walk with some ‘adventures’ through the woods, it was good to get out 😊 everyone felt good afterwards 😊


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