Day 19 – Morning At The Spa

Tuesday 16th May 2017

Feeling a little odd this morning, a little emotional to be honest, have no idea why!! Going to go in to my Group Personal Training with Sprint at Oceo Spa and relax for a while in the hotpool afterwards, I’m sure that will sort me right out 😊

I can’t believe it but for some of the exercises I am lasting longer than previous weeks, I am actually getting stronger! I still find the baby planks next to impossible to do but I am determined to be able to last longer than half a second!! If anyone is thinking of getting into a regular routine of exercising I would highly recommend the Small Group Personal Training with Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio, the workout is amazing, Shane pushes you to do your best, having other women there helps you along too and also there’s an element of fun which just helps make the hard workout a little easier. Afterwards relaxing in Oceo Spa is just what the Doctor ordered!! We treated ourselves to lunch in the bar today, I had the Super food salad with butternut squash, it was de-lic-ous!!!

Super Food Salad Oceo
Super Food Salad At Oceo Spa


I’ve been tired today, I hate being tired but it doesn’t happen everyday so need to just go with it. My Dad was out doing stuff in the garden and I hadn’t the energy to help him, decided to make carrot & coriander soup and do a bit of reading instead!

I’m a little overwhelmed with the amount of support I am receiving, people are genuinely excited for me and are really encouraging me to do well, it’s amazing. I am 100% doing this for me, I am doing this so I can live a healthy life with my hubby & son, so I can enjoy an active life with my active son, so I can feel comfortable and maybe even sexy in my own body, so I can give our family the best chance to grow our family!! I am being 100% selfish which is not something I enjoy being but I need to be for the time being. A friend called with her 2 kids on Saturday and I couldn’t even offer her a bickie, not that she minded, she’s one of my biggest supporters!! I am being selfish but until this way of life becomes 2nd nature to me & Big Brother turns off the cameras, I will continue to be selfish!!


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