Day 20 – Feeling Great

Wed. 17th May 2017

I feel great this morning, I can really feel a difference in myself, not sure if it’s all in my head but even if it is, it’s helping me get through with a positive attitude! Off now to Spinning in Arklow with Shane, I managed to persuade a friend to come along too 😊

I know I’ve said it before, but by god does Shane make you work!! I know everyone goes at their own pace/level etc but he really makes you want to push through your barrier and take it further!! I was wrecked and just love when fellow spinners tell me they found it tough too!! It’s crazy how amazing I feel after the class though, I look hilarious, red faced, sweaty and most likely walking funny but I don’t care. I am working so hard on becoming healthy and fit, I can put up with the sweaty tomato look for a while!!

I feel I am getting a hang of the eating plan, although looking over my food log I am a little low on calories some days so I need to monitor that better going forward! Most mornings I go for my ‘usual’ breakfast, muesli, low fat milk, brown toast no butter, jam, a piece of fruit and a coffee with a splash of half fat milk. I have an apple after class, then lunch tends to be a salad of some description, today I had an open BLT. Another piece of fruit mid afternoon, then for dinner it just didn’t go to plan, thanks to unexpected visitors!! Anyhow I ended up having what my son, Sean & hubby were having which was spaghetti & meatballs. Not ideal but it was that or nothing!! It is vital that no matter what, I am prepared for everything with regards to my meals!


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