Day 21 – Trigger Thursday!!

Thursday 18th May 2017

Today started off grand, well when I woke my legs, glutes and tummy ached, a sign of a good workout, so I was happy with that 😊 It’s Thursday so the weekly photo was taken, it’s amazing, you can actually see a difference, it’s small but it’s definitely there!!

I called over to a friend who then invited me to stay for lunch, it was healthy, low cal so I accepted and it was lovely. I’m still not 100% confident with choosing the right foods when I’m out and about but as Shane once said ‘no-one is forcing you to eat it, so just don’t eat it!’ So today I aired on the side of caution and it turned out grand 😊

This afternoon brought about a huge change in my mood, someone said something and although I’m sure they didn’t mean for it to hurt me, it did. After dwelling on it for a little while, I felt I needed to chat with Susan of Sprint Spinning Studio, I felt if I had been given the chance I’d have eaten any amount of junk food. I had planned on making burritos for myself & hubby for dinner, so as I was chatting with Susan I was trying to keep myself busy and started preparing the dinner. One thing I realised was that I feel like people don’t really know how hard this change has been for me. I am loving the training, I am loving the food and I am loving the support BUT it is still hard! I have no intention of giving up or even ‘sneaking’ some chocolate, but it is still hard. I feel like I am thinking about the training, the eating, the goals 24/7. It feels like I have given up something I can never trust myself to have ever again, it almost feels on par to giving up alcohol or smoking or even drugs. I can imagine people reading that will think ‘seriously who does she think she is comparing a ‘diet’ to alcoholism or drug addiction???’ But it’s more than a diet, it’s a whole life style change. Tonight hubby rang and asked had I started making dinner or will he pick up something, I told him that dinner was made and he wasn’t to pick up anything! You see, a month ago I would have gladly said ‘yeah pick up something, pizza, Indian or chipper’, a month ago I probably would have brought scones with me to my friends house and while buying the scones I would have bought a bar of chocolate to have on the way. After school today when Sean asked could we go to the shop I said no because we didn’t need anything, a month ago of course I would have brought him! With regards to the training, I actually can’t believe I have completed 15 tough training session (spinning and personal training), I have never in my life trained so often or so hard and although I am loving it, even the muscle aches, it is hard! Again it’s constantly on my mind, thinking about how the last session went, did I work hard enough, thinking about the next session, will I last, will I push myself to my limit? It is amazing that even after only 21 days I can see and feel a difference but the question is always there, will it be enough?

Although I did have this ‘moment’ today, thanks to Susan I realised this was a huge ‘trigger’ that could have thrown me off my plan which would have made me feel completely s**t in the end! I reached out, got help and thankfully got through it. I need to keep going, I need to loose weight, I need to get fit and I need to get healthy! I hate that I have put myself into this situation but I am more than determined to see it through and reach my goal!!!

The burritos and homemade guacomole, sour cream & chive from the Sprint Meal Plan were delicious!!! I’ll try add the recipe to the blog!




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