Day 22 – Find An Alternative!!

Friday 19th May
I woke a bit heavy headed this morning but knew I needed to get myself ready and in gear for personal training with Shane. We started with a short warm up and then got into the toning exercises and boxing! I had a good chat with Shane about my ‘wobble’ yesterday and how absolutely what I have done is on par with giving up drinking, smoking and even drugs! He told me I need to find an alternative for when my emotions get the better of me and I want to eat… he explained how it’s not that I want the actual food, it’s the feeling I get while eating whatever food I chose. He said my ‘alternative’ is not to be food, alcohol, nicotine or drugs… 😊 I need to be able to do it anywhere and with anyone… at first I thought knitting, I love knitting but that won’t work all of the time, I love buying stationary and yes that does bring me much joy but after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, I made a pledge that I’m to purchase no more ‘unnecessary’ stationary, so that’s not an option!! I could go for a walk but what if I’m in the middle of a social situation? It needs to be something small or on my phone…. I’ll keep thinking!! If you’ve any suggestions let me know 😊
The exercises went well, well I think they did 😉 it’s funny but some of them require a bit of coordination, lunge forward while turning your upper body and keep breathing…. ah jaysus… I’m seriously questioning my coordination skills!!! Shane was telling me what he tells himself when he’s training, and although my mind is constantly trying to tell my body that it can do a few more etc, I need to still change my way of thinking. I need to get my head to tell my body that it can last longer and it feels no pain (all good pain, not injured pain!) I’m going to start in spinning class tomorrow because I know after today’s workout my legs won’t want to walk, never mind spin!!

Food today was ok, we decided to have 3 kids over for a playdate, but not only that we have started fostering kittens so straight after personal training I picked up 4 children and 3 kittens!! By the time I settled everyone it was after 3pm when I was sitting down for my lunch, which was a wholemeal roll, chicken, lettuce & beetroot. The kids had their treats that the other Mum’s had sent over, only enough for each child, I knew they were getting these treats so I purposely didn’t buy anymore. I did go out to the table at one point and there was a little bowl of jellies, but I just walked away from them, when I was cleaning up afterwards I was glad to see the bowl empty!! 😊 Dinner was one burrito left over from last night 😊

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