Day 23 – Spinning

Saturday 20th May 2017

Well holy god I can really feel the workout I did yesterday, legs and upper body are aching!! Off to spinning this morning with Lorraine šŸ˜Š

Oh my goodness! I pulled up outside Sprint Spinning Studio in Arklow and nearly passed out when I seen Shane’s car outside!!! Low and behold, he was teaching the class!!! I know during each class it’s up to me how much I push myself and by god did I push myself today!! I tried to use the new technique of telling my body it wasn’t aching and I kept thinking of the scales and measuring tape next Friday!! I worked so hard, I think at one point I was even grunting to try push myself up the mountain I was on!! Afterwards I felt great, at this very moment I know that when I do stand on the scales on Friday, I’ll know that I have done my best, given it’s my 1st ever full month of exercising!!

Sprint Car

This afternoon was very uneventful, we went shopping and although one coffee shop almost lured us in with it’s delicious smell wafting out of it, we ALL resisted and went on our merry way. On the way home the boys were enjoying snacking on their crisps and I was quite happy with my punnet of blueberries šŸ˜Š





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