Day 24 – WooHoo Rest Day!

Sunday 21st May 2017

My body is one giant ache!! My Aunty asked will I soon get used to it and not ache, my reply ‘nope he’ll just push me harder!!’ 😊 2 more differences were noticed today so I am on cloud nine, first one was I bought a new belt in mid April, I got the XL size, at that time when I put it on I closed it on the 3rd last hole, today I had to move it to the last hole!! Now before I would simply make another hole but when the time comes that the belt is too big I will treat myself to a new one (€3 in Penny’s won’t kill me, besides I’d have spent that this morning on a scone if I weren’t on this plan!!) The 2nd thing was a jumper I have on my today, I think I bought it for Christmas last, it was snug on me but nope today it is slightly baggy!! I was in Gorey and I couldn’t help but look at my reflection in shop windows, something that I always hated doing!! I know I’m still far from my goal but instead of seeing my reflection and thinking ‘look at the size of you!!’ I am thinking ‘wow! Not there yet but getting there… keep going!!’

A friend asked me yesterday how is my mental state at the moment, I have not felt this good since I don’t know when!! Yes I do feel somewhat consumed by both the training, eating plan and the blog etc, but I feel I am in a really good place, mentally! The food I am eating is good healthy food which is obviously enough for what my body needs because I don’t feel starved of anything, the headaches the first week were a nuisance but they are long gone. On my training days I could easily consume 3ltrs+ of water, on my rest days I make sure to consume at least 2ltrs. I still have my coffee fix but instead of lattes I choose americano’s and add the milk myself. I was in a coffee shop earlier with a friend, I had my banana beforehand and a coffee and water while there. I seen the waitress bringing a fresh fruit pavlova to another table and yes part of me immediately thought ‘ohh that’d be nice’ the other part was saying ‘that’s what got you into this state!!’

Lunch today was salad in a bowl, yummy 😊 and dinner was beef stirfry with some brown rice, even yummier 😊

It’s bedtime now and the aches have almost gone, just in time for spinning with Shane again tomorrow!!!



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