Day 25 – Healthy Eating

Monday 22nd May 2017

Up bright and early this morning, all set for my spinning class with Shane in Gorey when I got a message telling me how well I’m doing and even going as far as telling me I’m super woman!! I know I am working so hard, I know I have literally turned my life around, but am I superwoman or am I a complete gobshite for getting myself into this situation in the first place? I remember realising I had a problem with food when Sean was 6mths old, I ate an entire viennetta to myself… I went to counselling shortly after and yes it did help for a while but it just wasn’t enough… I think dieting alone just didn’t work for me, if I was told I couldn’t eat something, I would eat more of it, I tried exercising but it never lasted long!! I constantly weighed myself and got down when the scales wasn’t moving fast enough!! Why is this working and more importantly why am I almost 4 weeks in and haven’t faltered not even once??? The answer is SUPPORT, slight bit of FEAR too 😊 but for me the support is what’s getting me through each day, that and the feelings of feeling great!!

Class today was an uphill struggle from the moment the music started!!! It was so hard someone deliberately broke her bike in order to get out of class, but Shane just told her to move to another bike!! Ah no it was great fun, as usual, I did decide between the grunts and the aches that no amount of chocolate was worth putting myself through this!! Never ever again will I be this size or anywhere near it!!

Something really good happened this evening, it may sound silly to you guys but me, I was thrilled! Sean asked could he have a bedtime snack, he said he’d prepare it, without any prompt from me he fixed himself a snack which included a rice cake, 2 strawberries & some blueberries 😊 My healthy eating is rubbing off on him and I am thrilled 😊

Seans snack

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