Day 26 – Oceo Spa

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Good morning, today was a funny kind of day, I had group training in Oceo Spa with Shane from Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio, and as soon as I got onto the bike for warm up my legs felt like lead!! After the warm up we moved onto the floor exercises, I did them, did I struggle, yes and no. At the time I felt like my whole body was lead and I found it hard to balance and stay up but looking back I wonder did I do the best I could? Did I push myself to my limit? And I don’t think I did!! I think I did what I have done other weeks, but I feel stronger already and I know I could have, should have, pushed myself more!! Anyhow, afterwards in the spa my body still felt like lead so maybe I’ll just put it down to a bad day!! I’m sure Shane will insist I make up for my slacking 😊😊

People keep asking me about my training schedule so here it is, now please bear in mind this is tailored solely to me, because we have a very tight time frame to work within.
My week starts on a Friday with a 1 hour personal training session with Shane.
Saturday I do a spinning class, usually in Arklow.
Sunday is my rest day 😊
Monday is spinning class with Shane
Tuesday is Small Group Personal Training in Oceo Spa with Shane
Wednesday is spinning with Shane, in Arklow
Thursday is my rest day 😊
I am also following a low calorie eating plan, there is absolutely nothing funny about the food, just healthy, oh and portion control is a big thing!! I have switched my normal dinner plate for a smaller, 9” plate which Shane gave me on day 1.  I also keep a daily food log and will continue to do so. Shane took my scales at the first session so I’ve to leave it to him to do the measurements etc, this is to stop any possible obsessing over it I might have had at home!

Which brings me onto my next subject, today I was sooo overthinking the whole measurements been taken on Friday. I was thinking that Shane probably has an idea of how much weight I should have lost etc, but after sharing my concerns with him, I am totally not worried!! We both know there will defo be a difference, however, he is looking at it that depending on the difference, it will tell him what is working or if things need to be changed!! By god I hope I’m down loads… I couldn’t possibly fit in another session 😅😅


Berries 2




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