Day 27 – 29 Days Choc Free!!

Wednesday 24th May 2017

I felt really good this morning heading off to spinning in Sprint Spinning Studio in Arklow with Jennifer. The class was great, we must all have looked super guilty or something because Jennifer really cranked it up straight from the warm up!! I think by song 3 I was ready to drop, but I could see the scales and measuring tape on Friday and by god I gave it my all!!

Amanda Day 26

For the past few days I’ve been receiving messages from friends, some I haven’t spoken to in years… like 18 years!!, really nice messages of encouragement, compliments and telling me they’ve got back into their own exercising schedule!! I love it, I love hearing from people, be them friends or strangers 😊
I was talking to Shane today and I was saying that I worked really hard today partly because I didn’t feel I worked hard enough yesterday, because of the lead in my body, 😅😅 anyhow he totally reassured me that that is perfectly normal, everyone who has ever trained has gone through that at some point, put it down as a bad day, and move on 😊 and the more I think about it the more I think, yeah I can handle that as a bad day, what I don’t want as a bad day is scoffing chocolate or ice-cream or crisps… I’d rather the lead in my body than that crap!! (Aliens, you can keep the old Amanda, we’re really liking this new one you’ve left us with!!) 👽👽 I am not messing, I get moments where I actually don’t believe I have come this far, OMG I have just realised I have gone 29 days without so much as a wiff of chocolate… me… Amanda Byrne, can you actually believe it?? Someone said to me it takes 28 days to break a habit, I’m not sure I would call what I had for chocolate, a habit, slightly more of an addiction tbh!! Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t stuff myself constantly with chocolate but if there was a bar or two in the house I HAD to eat it! On weekends I could easily eat one of the larger bars (150g) all to myself… as long as it was Cadbury’s (but not Turkish Delight) it was not safe around me!! I still don’t think I could even trust myself now with chocolate! It’s times like this I get a little emotional, seriously what was I thinking???

I want to end on a positive note, tomorrow I am going to write down all the things I can do now that I found challenging 28 days ago!! Good night Xxx

Amanda Day 26 2


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