Day 28 – We Conquered A Mountain!!

Thursday 25th May 2017
Good morning 😊 I have made it to Day 28, 4 weeks!! Yes I can honestly say I am proud of myself, I thought in the first week 4 weeks was so far away and although I was 100% committed I thought I would struggle more!! It hasn’t been EASY but it has been easier than I thought it would be. The training is hard but it lasts 1hr tops so I’ve managed to push myself through that! The food is delicious, as I said before I don’t feel starved of anything!! The support has been amazing!!

So here’s what I’ve done in 28 Days:
10 x Spinning Classes
1 x Spin Core
1 x Spin & Tone
4 x Personal Training Sessions
4 x Group PT sessions
A walk in Ballyfad Woods
A walk in Kilmacurra
Conquered Tara Hill ⛰⛰

What can I do today that I found challenging 28 Days ago?

Exercise & Eating healthy are definitely the main things!! Tighten my bra (it’s almost too big!!!) Tighten my belt. When we are doing our stretches, the one where you bring your heel up to touch your bum, I always had to hold my ankle but now I can hold around my foot! Go for coffee and not order cakes or scones!! Say ‘No Thank You’ to food I know is not good for me!! Look at my reflection without feeling shite about myself!! Be more active, I’ll gladly bring out the rubbish or walk back up stairs if I’ve forgotten something, park far away from the shops etc. Walk up a Mountain!! (OK ok it’s a hill but a mighty big one 😊)

Today I was determined to do something active, it was such a gorgeous day out so I planned on walking/crawling Tara Hill with a friend! We set off after the school drop off, so it was early enough. It was a tough enough climb, I was sweating and panting and completely out of breath but I made it!! My legs surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as I thought they would, feeling it now though!! It was a really great walk, definitely doing it again, hopefully on Sunday!!

Rest of the day was very uneventful, however my mind was constantly on the weigh in & measurements tomorrow!! I took my weekly photo today and OH MY GOD there is a HUGE difference!! I can’t believe it, there’s a difference in my back, my chest, my arms not to mention my tummy!! It is crazy!!! So after that I am more excited about tomorrow than nervous. I don’t feel I have anything to be nervous about, I have worked really hard, I have stuck rigidly to my eating plan so other than some bizarre reaction to healthy eating and exercise, I am confident that my measurements & weight will be down!!

My herb & salad garden!


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