Day 29 – Weigh In & Measurements!!

Friday 26th May 2017
I will admit I was slightly nervous but more excited going into the studio today! Shane took my measurements and kept them to himself until all were done!!When he told me it didn’t quite sink in….

12lbs of weight GONE
9.75” in total GONE

That is a lot to be proud of!! He made me hold it in the weights and you can really feel it!! I think he said it’s 4.5 bags of sugar!!
1 whole inch came off each arm!!

1” off each Arm
2.75” off Waist
2.5” off Hips
1.75” off each leg
1.75” off my chest (woohoo they are going!!)

1st weigh in

I did chance my arm and asked Shane was he letting me off with a session because we got such good results but he said ‘hell no!’ So we got to it, we did a lot of talking, asking and answering questions. We did a few new exercises, oh we did a type of ‘step aerobics’ except the step was at least my hip height!! I had to step up in one go… no little step ladder or nothing! Then he thought it looked too easy so he handed me heavier weights!! Then after that I had to do some sort of sit/pushup thingys, my arms were literally on fire!! I really enjoyed it in a weird kind of way!! So I am into my 5th week now… looking back it really has flown by. Ok the training sessions including the spinning has been hard, there were definitely times throughout each class I thought nope I can’t go on but I did, but looking back all in all it wasn’t HARD to do. In 4 weeks, 28 days, I have literally started to turn my life around, I am so looking forward to the next 4 weeks!!

I know I’ve said it before and yes I am the one doing the hard work, but without the support and encouragement I know I wouldn’t be whete I am today, so Thank You Shane & Susan, all the pack at Sprint Spinning Studio and to all of you for reading, commenting, liking the posts, it means so much to me Xxx

It’s funny in a crazy kind of way, but before when I had a ‘weigh in’ and I lost weight, I would always have a treat, because I deserved it, tonight however there is no ounce of my body that wants a ‘treat’, well not an edible treat!! I bought a punnet of strawberries, raspberries & blackberries, I’ll have a few of them with some yogurt tonight 😊

If you’ve been thinking of starting to exercise lately and haven’t got around to it yet, I urge you to start!! Just start, if I can do it, so can you!!


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