Day 30 – Trip To Cinema!

Saturday 27th May 2017

Spinning this morning in Arklow with Lorraine, good fun and hard work!! Still feeling pretty chuffed after yesterdays results 😊😊  I cursed Shane (Personal Trainer) today though, I went to brush my hair and couldn’t raise my arms higher than my waist!! All day they were aching… I know it’s a sign that I worked hard yesterday!!

We went to the cinema this afternoon. My first time going since I started on my weight loss journey with Sprint 😊 To me the cinema is just not the same without the popcorn, sweets and drink, knowing this I went prepared. I picked up a fruit bowl, with a fork, from Dunnes and a coffee from Starbucks. My son, Sean and my Mam both got their cinema treats and I didn’t even rob one popcorn from either of them!! I was happy munching away on my fruit and funnily enough I enjoyed the whole ‘cinema experience’ just as much as any other time!!

Cineme Treats
Healthy Cinema Treats!

Myself and Sean had a sleepover in my Mam’s and before it definitely would have been a movie with treats kind of night but instead we all had berries and yogurt. Everyone in the family are eating slightly more healthy than before 😊


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