Day 31 – Rest Day

Sunday 28th May 2017

I decided to take our dog for a walk up Tara Hill. I went up early so it was nice and cool. This time I tracked it with my Samsung Health app and it was longer than I thought it was, it is just under 5km, up and back. Not a bad walk for a Rest Day 😊😊 I wore less clothes and brought less water. I really enjoyed it and so did my dog, Jess 😊🐶 It took us 55mins, so that was 5mins quicker than the last time I did it 😁

The rest of the day was just hanging out at home, we did nothing, ‘before’ we would have had snacks & chocolate and I would probably have made a nice dessert but today I did nothing. I did find myself thinking ‘ohhh am I hungry for snacks’ but I ate a peach and drank my water… pure boredom eating!!

I’ve been thinking about what my ‘alternative’ can be, something that I can do to take my mind off wanting to eat shite! I was thinking of putting a slideshow of photos to inspire me… so no matter where I am, chances are I will have my phone with me, if I feel a ‘wobble’ coming on, I can just look at the slideshow!!






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