Day 32 – Feeding Emotions With Food

Monday 29th May 2017

I’ve really come to love spinning, it’s 45mins of blood, sweat & tears but it’s also good fun! I’m feeling so much better after each class, yeah I’m still a tomato but I feel great. If you are thinking of starting, the 1st class is the hardest, you feel like your not keeping up, your panting & sweating like I don’t know what and your legs are on fire!! Afterwards you can barely walk to your car, but I promise you, after you get home and shower, you feel amazing!! I’d recommend that you get at least two classes in a week and I promise after a few classes you’ll be hooked 😊😊

Today was one of those days, just a shitty kinda day, food wise I was grand until about mid afternoon, then I just had to get selfish. I bought a stirfry veg packet for my dinner, I let hubby make his own and Sean’s steak and chips, I really enjoyed the beef stirfry but by god I would have killed for a bowl full of chips!! I need to get working on that slideshow!! After dinner we got word that a little kitten we were fostering had died, Sean was terribly upset and my initial reaction was ‘ice-cream’…. I managed to stop myself from suggesting any food to help comfort him… we ended up visiting Granny and he decided to have a sleepover. It did make me realise again how I always fed emotions with food!!


Sean & Kitty
Sean & our foster kitten


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