Day 37 – Stay In Bed Day….NOT!! & Day 38 – Struggle Up Tara Hill

Saturday 3rd June 2017 (Day 37 – Stay In Bed )

Saturday mornings used to be my ‘stay in bed’ days, but these days I’m up and out at a spinning class at 10am. Do I miss my lie ins? Not really because instead of lying there thinking I should be doing something, when I am in bed I don’t feel any way guilty. The class was good, it’s great the way each trainer has their own style, and the playlist is never the same. I have come to learn when there will be a hill though and I’m beginning to dislike all them songs πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

After class I learnt that our 3rd little kitten died, the 3 of them must have had an underlying health problem. I knew my son, Sean would be devastated and knew there would be a little bit of spoiling going on in the afternoon!! Mam picked me up after class and she said she was going to buy Sean a granola yogurt because she knew he’d be sad but stopped herself, thinking she shouldn’t as it’s associating food with emotions. I am so glad that someone is listening to me and following through on my plans. When I got home however, after the tears and cuddles, Sean announced that we were going to KFC because Dad said he would treat him because of what happened!! The way Hubby sees it is that we were going out for lunch anyhow but he let him choose where, I don’t mind that… it’s going to take time for us all to be singing off the same hymn sheet but we’ll get there!

So we went to KFC, it obviously wouldn’t be my no.1 choice however I did have the choice to choose what I ordered. I ordered the rice salad with chicken and a bottle of water. It was displayed as having 505kcals, a little more than what I usually have for lunch but I knew I would choose a lower calorie meal for dinner 😊 All was grand and everyone left happy 😊 I do have to admit though, although Hubby isn’t fully buying in.

Sean & kitties
Sean & foster kittens


Β Day 38 – Sunday 4th June 2017

When I woke this morning, I felt tired and crampy and just shit. I debated for an hour whether or not to go up Tara Hill, in the end I decided to go. It was tough going, it took longer than before but I did it and that’s what matters 😊 I came home, jumped straight into a shower and decided I was going to lie down for an hour. 4hrs later I was woken up and lunch was brought up to me. I still felt pretty shit. I couldn’t say what was wrong, just shattered, felt kind of pre-menstrual but not sure. Anyhow I just took it easy for the afternoon and am praying it will have passed when I wake tomorrow.

While I was walking down Tara Hill today I found myself getting annoyed with my hubby, he is supportive but I felt today he should have said ‘how about I go up TH with you’. I didn’t even suggest it to him but it’s one of those times where I wish he just knew to suggest that!! My anger soon changed when I convinced myself that if I had actually asked him to come up he probably (hopefully) would have said OK 😊


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