Day 39 – There Is A Difference & Day 40 – Posting A Selfie!

Monday 5th June -DAY 39 – THERE IS A DIFFERENCE

Well I woke feeling a lot better this morning. Still not 100% but I have booked my bike and by god I will do the class!! I love the Monday mornings class, the ‘back row’ ladies & 1 gent, are always great craic which just keeps you going. Not long after arriving at the class I was complimented and was told they can really see a difference. As like anyone, I love hearing that other people can see a difference 😊 Thanks Gillian 😊 I can feel and see a difference too but there are moments when I get disheartened with my tummy or bum or wobbly arms and think ‘really is there a difference’ I am still wearing all the same clothes as before although they are definitely getting looser on me but I think until I am finally getting rid of them I won’t trully believe there is a big difference!!

Gorey Spin Studio
Sprint Spinning Studio Gorey

The class was great, I did manage to keep up although it was a bit more of a struggle than other days. I got home and had an early lunch, which I’ll probably regret later and I’m chillin for the afternoon. I need to be 100% for my group personal training with Erin tomorrow in Oceo Spa!!

So it was a horrible wet bank holiday Monday and the choice put to me was cinema & Indian take out or dinner in restaurant of my choice. I chose the dinner, simply because I’d imagine no matter what I chose from an Indian take away, it is going to be very high in calories. I booked a table at La Piazza in Gorey, when we got there I ordered the Ceaser Salad with chicken, no bacon & dressing on side. Then I had the pasta with chicken, mushrooms in white wine sauce, I ate a little over half a portion and was quite happy with that. I knew I was going to struggle with not ordering dessert, I don’t think I’ve ever NOT ordered dessert!! So I ordered a coffee, it was tough but I managed to get through it and I’m glad I did. Going for dinner is kinda ‘our thing’ it’s what we do as a couple. It’s not like we do it every week but I’d like to be able to, occasionally… it’s just about making good choices!!

I got an even more amazing compliment this evening, you know I’ve said how other members of my family are benefitting from my healthy lifestyle, well tonight I was chatting with my sister who lives in France and she told me I’ve inspired her to get healthy, she’s been working out for the last while!! So almost all my family are benefitting from this, I love it 😊😊

Early Lunch Today!
Tuesday 6th June – DAY 40 – Posting A Selfie πŸ™ˆ

Woke feeling good this morning and the rain had stopped so that’s a bonus 😎😎 I received a message from my friend Kajsa about walking up Tara Hill again tomorrow but I told her I’d be spinning in Arklow at 10, well she just went and booked a class!! I am super chuffed, she wants to loose a bit of weight and start getting fit and to think I have a small bit to do with her choosing to get started on it now and with Sprint Spinning Studio makes me happy!!

Small Group Personal Training with Erin was great, I did think afterwards, maybe she wasn’t as hard on us as Shane, but sod that, the aches have started and I know coughing or laughing is gonna hurt!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜… The spa afterwards was fab as usual, I love floating (after group Personal Training I’m fit for nothing!!) in the indoor pool in the dim light. I probably look like a dead whale but I don’t give a hoot, I love it!! Oh was meant to say we’ve completed 6 weeks of group PT so all the girls had the weight and measurements taken and they were all happy with the results, one was surprised but happy and super motivated to do more for the next 6 weeks. It just goes to show that even starting with one training session a week can start changing things for the better 😊 I’d highly recommend the Small Group Personal Training because not only do you get a great training session but you get to spend a few hours floating around in the spa 😊😊

Afterwards myself and Rosie (another from the group personal training) headed to the Ashdown Park for lunch, when we got there we seen a sign saying it was carvery from 12.30 – 2.30, my initial reaction was, I don’t want a carvery for lunch but when I went in there was an beautiful selection of salads and to top it off they had a stack of 9” plates 😊 I was so happy and starving 😊 definitely going back there.

I took a selfie today just before I went into Personal Training, I debated for nearly the whole day whether to post it or not and then decided that I would. I was mortified and regretting it for about 2 mins then the comments started coming in, all positive compliments. To say I’m going to bed happy and slightly embarrassed because us Irish just don’t know what to do with compliments πŸ™ˆ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you





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