Day 41 – PCOS & Infertility & Day 42 – Proper Rest Day

Wednesday 7th June – DAY 41 – PCOS & Infertility

Today was one of those really good days 😊 a few aches but I expected that. The comments/compliments were still coming in but then self doubt tried to squeeze in so I looked back over some photos and came across one that was taken in the first week but had made me cry and obviously feel shite. I took that photo and placed it beside yesterdays selfie and couldn’t believe the difference!! Self doubt was kicked right out the window 😁

My friend joined me for her 1st spinning class in Sprint Spinning Studio Arklow today, she survived and even bought me a coffee afterwards 😄 I felt really confident doing the class today, I’m getting better at going faster out of the saddle and I’m really pushing myself on the hills and sprints. I just love it, completely addicted 😁


Sprint Arklow Studio
Sprint Spinning Studio Arklow

When we were chatting over coffee afterwards I mentioned about having PCOS and realised I haven’t mentioned anything about it here. I suppose up until now I haven’t felt confident enough to talk about it. Now please remember I am NOT a Doctor or an expert in the field of PCOS!! All I know is how it effects me. I’m only going to touch on it now but will talk more about it in the future.

PCOS – POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME, meaning I have cysts on my ovaries which causes havoc with my hormones which in turn causes havoc in my body! As a result of having PCOS I rarely have a period, so therefore do not ovulate rendering me infertile. There are other noticeable symptoms including extra body hair, depression, obesity, although I’ve never really put my obesity down to pcos, it was bad food choices I made that got me this way!! It can also lead to type 2 diabetes, which scares me. I have known since I was 22 that I have PCOS, from the age of 25 I have been attending Holles St. Infertility Clinic. Hubby has been cleared on many occasions so the problem lies within me. How we managed to get pregnant with Sean is still a bit of a mystery 😊 Holles St have told me for years to loose weight, loose weight, loose weight… they have put me on medication to loose weight and help balance blood sugar but it made me so depressed the 3 times I was on it then I refuse to take it anymore. That is why I am doing it this way, a healthy way and by god I cannot wait to walk into the apt on 5th October a completely new me!!

Now & Then Pic
Now & Then Pic

Thursday 8th June  – Day 42 – Proper Rest Day

I had planned to climb Tara Hill with a few friends but the rain thwarted that plan! The girls were going spinning instead but I decided to have a proper rest day… well clean the house kinda rest day!! When I was sorting through the clothes I came across some of the training tops I bought only 7 weeks ago and decided to put them into the ‘donate’ bag. I read a book recently ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ in it she tells you to only keep things that ‘spark joy’ and I can honestly say the tops certainly do not spark joy, rather disgust, embarrassment and unhappiness! I’ve also put in old track bottoms and pj’s which have just gotten too big!! I’m still not ready to go out to shops and try on new clothes, although my jeans and belts are definitely getting too big! Oh I received an invitation from President Michael D. Higgins to a ‘creative garden party’ in Aras an Uachtaran at the end of June, so I’ll buy a new outfit for that 😁



Presidents Letter!




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