Day 43 – Personal Training With Erin & Day 44 – Wobble Averted

Friday 9th June -DAY 43 – Personal Training With Erin

‘PT’ in previous posts stood for Personal Training… today it stands for Personal Torture!! Shane is on holidays and seemingly left instructions with Erin to make me work hard and that she did!! Every muscle in my body was worked today, every muscle in my body had the shakes for the afternoon and every muscle in my body is going to ache like crazy tomorrow!! How do I feel? AMAZING 😁😁😁

Myself and Erin had a good chat today about the effects of exercising on your mental health, how it can be an effective treatment for those suffering with depression. I can honestly say even only 7 weeks in I can totally agree with that. Again I am only speaking from my own experience but I’ll give you an example of a typical weekend for the old me…

Fridays had been a ‘troublesome’ day for me, I don’t even know when it started, but come Friday all I wanted to do was chill out watching movies eating a large bar of chocolate and munching of chilli doritos preferably with sour cream, guacomole & grated cheese, maybe with a bottle of wine. Saturday breakfast usually involved a fry at home or occassionally in a cafe. We’d do the shopping and usually would buy more doritos and chocolate. For dinner it could be take out or late lunch in restaurant, we loved Indian! If it was Indian I would usually order a starter and then curry & rice with naan bread and do a pretty good job of clearing my plate. Sunday morning usually another fry of some description. Throughout the day Hubby would make either toasted ham & cheese sambos, homemade torrtilla pizzas or something equally not so healthy! If the weekend had been so far free of takeouts we might get one for dinner, if not we’d make some sort of ‘tasty/not so healthy’ dinner always followed by dessert. I usually felt pretty crappy and even more so when I thought of all the wasted time spent ‘chillin out’. Even when I joined Slimming World I couldn’t get through the weekend without having junk food. I would try again to be ‘healthy/good’ on a Monday but will have failed miserably by Thursday… Looking back my head and body just weren’t insync, mentally it was a vicious circle, I felt crap, no real energy to do much, so I ate crap, which in turn made me ‘morbidly obese’ which made me hate myself which made me feel crap, vicious circle!!

New me has a healthy breakfast, work my ass off in training, feel great for doing the class, can feel and notice differences within my body, feel good about that, makes me want to eat healthily during the day, go to bed feeling achy, tired but happy, wake up and do it all again!!

Bath At Home
My bath at home 🙂 

Saturday 10th June – DAY 44 – WOBBLE AVERTED 😊

When I was walking into spinning this morning my legs felt like two big solid muscles or tree trunks!! I honestly didn’t think they’d work on the bike but thanks to Ruth she had us working hard to loosen all the muscles!! Up, down, up, down, go faster, sprint…. drop dead 😅😅 It was a great class, I really like going to different instructors classes, they are all different, but equally pushy 😊

So today I stood naked in front of a mirror and I honestly cannot see a difference, I still see flabby boobs, flabby tummy, big bum and big thighs, HOWEVER, I put on a belt which I previously had to pierce a hole in so it would fit, although it was a large belt already. Anyhow I put on the belt and low behold I had to close it on the 3rd REAL HOLE!! So my eyes may not see a difference but there is a HUGE difference!! I was super chuffed 😁

My belt fits!
My belt now fits on the REAL holes!

Today could have possibly been a ‘wobble’ day but I felt strong to avert it… and other than feeling the need to bring a coffee in with me to a potentially awkward social gathering, it all went quite well and when I was offered fruit cake brought home from France, I just apologised and said no Thanks. Thinking back I don’t know why I felt I needed to bring a coffee with me, I was a little anxious about the gathering and felt it could help calm me. Shane will probably dissect but as long as he doesn’t tell me to give up coffee I don’t mind 😊

The rest of the day went without incident 😊



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