Day 45 – Just Be There & Day 46 – Sometimes You Just Have To Chill

Sunday 11th June 2017 – DAY 45 – JUST BE THERE

I find I have no problem the mornings I am booked into spinning or I have training, I get up and go and barely ever have doubts about going. On my rest days however I am finding I am struggling a bit getting out the door… I have a battle in my head about going, will I? won’t I? But you HAVE TOO!!… When I get to Tara Hill and start walking I’m immediately glad I got out. It takes me about an hour to walk it, 10 mins drive up and back and then it’s done. Today I really needed it although give half the chance probably would have stayed at home!! I managed to get to the top without stopping, slightly slower, according to my tracker, than before but it was an accomplishment 😊 After I’d reached the top and went around it, I decided to sit for a while and just be there. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I made a quick video and and just tried to let out all my worries. The ‘awkward’ situation from Saturday is still playing in my head and as much as I want to not think about it, it just keeps popping into my head! After my walk I went home and just chilled out, I had a healthy lunch and although the old me always LIKE ALWAYS, associated Sundays with desserts I honestly didn’t even yearn for one, even with the situation going around in my head!! I am trying really hard to do as Shane said and just eat for energy, but at times like this I realise how I would have turned to food to help ‘destress’ me…


Top Of Tara Hill
Me at the top of Tara Hill 


Less than 2 weeks to next weigh in and buying new clothes so the pressure is on!! Every 2nd song this morning at spinning was a hill, I feel like I cycled up and rolled back down Lugnaquilla!! I feel shakey and slightly sick so that’s my indication that I pushed myself pretty hard!! I’m happy with that 😊

The situation from Saturday has been playing on my mind a lot yesterday and today but I feel quite pleased with myself that I haven’t let my emotions take over and turn to food. I know it sounds crazy to even think like that but reality is, it’s what I would have done before! Putting aside the fact Shane would kill me I know I would feel even worse if I pigged out on junk food and I just don’t want to feel even more crap!!

I’m kind of tired this evening, I’ve just dropped Sean to athletics and although I probably should go for a few walking laps around the field, I’ve chosen to just chill out and wait in the car.



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