Day 47 – Small Group Personal Training With Erin & Day 48 – It Is Going!


Group training this morning with Erin, it’s crazy to think that 8 weeks ago I couldn’t do a plank, many lunges or even squats!! I decided to go with the 2kg weights in each hand for the arm lifts, holy bleedin moly I won’t be able to brush my hair tomorrow!! I feel like I need to push myself more in group pt, I feel I do so much more in the one to one personal training,  so I should be pushing myself even more than what I do in group pt. Afterwards we spent a little time in the spa and then had a lovely lunch in the bar 😊


Wednesday 14th June – DAY 48 – IT IS GOING

I really really really pushed myself at spinning today, I made the hills so hard my legs almost stopped working and I loved it!! The reason is because my tummy, the one part of my body that I absolutely hate, is going and I am soooo super happy about it!! I can no longer feel it sitting on my lap or hitting off my thighs when going up the stairs or when I’m lying in bed and bring my legs up to me, I CANNOT feel it touching my thighs!! It’s still not even near as flat as I’d like it… but it is going and that’s the main thing!!




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