Day 49 – They Arrived!!! & Day 50 – Personal Training With Erin


I woke this morning and was absolutely thrilled to discover I had gotten my period 😁😁😁 As I mentioned before I have PCOS which can result in absent periods, since I was 17 I might have 1 or 2 periods a year. I usually get medication to help bring on a period but I am so glad to have gotten these completely naturally, all down to loosing weight, eating healthily and exercising 😊 I still feel I can’t yet get too excited, however it is a start and things can only get better 😊😊

I’ve attached a photo of a budding Orchid, I was given the orchid for my birthday in January and the 1st thing I said when it was handed to me was ‘oh god no I’ll kill it!’ But the beautiful flowers that were on it lasted a good 4 months, the roots stayed healthy and today I spotted this flower popping out, maybe a sign of things to come??? I don’t know… hopefully 😊

I feel really good today, it’s a rest day but I walked up Tara Hill with a friend and I’m really enjoying getting better at it each time. I feel today that I might talk to Shane about doing a bit more training??? I feel I could physically and mentally do more but I shall speak to Shane.


Thursday 16th June – DAY 50 – Personal Training WITH ERIN

PT with Erin today, I felt this morning that my body would probably struggle through it, although mentally I was up for it, body just wants to lie around being nurtured and fed!! We were doing pretty similar to last weeks session but with a few additions!! I managed to get through, somehow and for my last exercise I was to step up on a bench while holding 15lbs in each arm. I was stepping away and kind of chatting with Erin when eventually I said to her ‘are we nearly finished?’ Her reply was ‘time was up 5 mins ago but you just kept going’… so we did 10 more and that was it 😊 Erin said she felt I worked even harder this week so it must have been my mind doing all the work!! I did feel great afterwards 😊 Today marks the start of week 8, which is just incredible!!

Erin 1st Bday




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