Day 53 – Early Morning Walk & Day 54 – Missed Group Personal Training

DAY 53 – Monday 19th June – Early Morning Walk

I decided this morning I was going to try walk up Tara Hill more than just Thursdays and Sundays. I’m going to try do it on days I have training too… now I’m not saying I’ll do it every day but hopefully at least 4 times a week. It’s also helping Jessie which is good😊


Weigh in and measurements this week, I have to say I felt quite ‘big’ for the last few days but am feeling that it was just an hormonal thing!! I’m not nervous like I was last time… I don’t know if I should expect more loss or less loss than last time… I’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

Tara Hill Sunrise
Tara Hill Sunrise  
DAY 54 – Missed Group Personal Training – Tuesday 20th June

Today I had to miss Group PT because of a Dr’s apt about my back… although since going to the chiro and doing all the exercises, I haven’t had much pain in my back but I still wanted to go and have them investigate it further. I arrived to St. Vincents early and was told to come back in 40 mins, which I did and then an hour later we were told that the Dr still had not arrived so all in all I was waiting about 2.5 hrs to be seen!! I then met with one of the Dr’s who completely dismissed the ‘diagnosis’ from the chiro and told me it’s more than likely the exercising and weightloss that has contributed to fixing my back. I don’t dispute that it is certainly helping but the chiro had ‘clicked it back in place’ 2 months prior to me starting my training. It drives me nuts when Dr’s blame EVERYTHING on your weight, I admit being ‘morbidly obese’ certainly doesn’t help matters but seriously I wish they’d just get over it!! I know quite a few slim, fit and healthy people who suffer with their back and have done so for years, I wonder what their Dr’s blame it on??? Anyhow I’ve to go back in 3 months time to see if things have improved!! Sorry about the rant but this really bugs me. For YEARS I have been attending Holles St Infertility Clinic, for YEARS they have been telling me to loose weight and in the past I have lost weight but it’s never enough for them but by God I cannot wait to walk in there on the 5th October lots of stones less than ever before and I swear if they tell me to loose more weight I’ll be fit to be tied!! 😅😅

Ok so I got that off my chest… did I mention before that I’m noticing a difference in my bras… my 3 good bras which each cost me €50 are all now too big for me… I am not going out and buying new bras though just yet… I really want to get down to a nice size bra, even 36D… that’ll do me, just so I can buy a bra almost anywhere and not just in a ‘bra shop’…

I did manage to walk up Tara Hill this morning, I was up there for about 6am, it was gorgeous, as usual, just me and Jessie 😊 This evening I did the 6.45pm spinning class with Ruth from Sprint Spinning Studio, she’s off on holiers this week so decided to work us to the bone, I did ask why we had to suffer for her going on holidays but was just made work harder 😅😅



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