Day 55 – Day Out In Clara Lara & Day 56 – Out With The Old, In With The New!

DAY 55 – Wednesday 21st June – DAY OUT IN CLARA LARA

I had decided to take Seán and my niece to Clara Lara today, the last time we were here I brought a roll, crisps, a bar and we got chips, burgers and fizzy drinks. Today I packed a nice healthy lunch, a mixed salad with cous cous for me, wraps for the kids, I also packed apples, oranges and bananas, the kids have a packet of crisps and a packet of jellies each. We brought bottled water and I’ve just bought a coffee 😊 How things have changed… how I have changed!! They’ve just run off to get cotton candy… kids will be kids… I wouldn’t be a fan of it but at least they’ll run off the sugar here 😊

So 8 weeks almost up, well tomorrow is a rest day so I have officially completed 8 weeks of training!! I know I keep mentioning how great I feel and how many weeks have passed but I’m actually really surprised I have gotten this far without having a major tumble off the wagon!! There hasn’t even been a tumble!! There’s been a few mental wobbles where I doubted my ability to push myself, but I have gotten through them!

I’ve had a few people this week tell me they can see a big difference and again I know there is a difference but I still have a good bit to go. I can see a difference in my face and neck, I am discovering that I do have bones!! However I still have the bingo wings and when i see my reflection in a window I sometimes cringe!! It’s only been 8 weeks, I can’t be expecting a miracle to happen!!

I did the 6.30am spinning class this morning in Sprint Spinning Studio Arklow, I was awake at 5.30am, got myself ready and off I went. It was great to be home before breakfast and then having the rest of the day to do whatever. I think I’d struggle getting up in the winter to get out to a class so early in the morning but summer time is grand 😎😎


DAY 56 –  Thursday 22nd June – OUT WITH OLD… IN WITH THE NEW!

Photo day today, I’d love to show you all the photos but it’ll be so much better in 3 months when the whole transformation will be seen… but let me tell you the weekly photos are a great incentive… as I’ve mentioned before I still don’t see it when I look in a mirror or see my reflection but the camera does not lie!! From my ‘before’ picture to my Week 8 picture there’s a massive difference!! If you are embarking on a weight/inch loss journey I would highly recommend taking weekly front and side photos, wearing the same tight outfit each week… I don’t get hung up on the week by week difference, its very subtle, but when I make a collage of before, week 4 & week 8, WOW!! So do that… don’t focus on your scales every week, just take the photo!!

I needed to add to my ‘donate’ pile today, more jeans and a few tops so naturally I went out to replace them. Now I’m not looking at buying expensive clothes because well I’ve still a way to go so I picked 2x leggings and 2x tops and I am super happy with them. They are cool enough for this gorgeous weather we’re having and nice enough to go for a coffee in 😊 The leggings were 2 for €10 in Heatons & the tops were €7.99 each in Lidl. They are all size large which is grand for now, the fact that I could go into lidl or heatons and just buy something that fits is more pleasing than the actual size at this point 😊😊

I haven’t done any exercise today, I was debating whether or not to go to a spinning class or go up Tara Hill but between the jigs and reals of family life it just did not happen. I don’t need to worry though, Shane read my previous blogs and is happily planning an increase in my training regime!!!!

Can I just say that I was the Queen of making excuses when it came to exercising, I know you might think I’m lucky in so far as I’m not working at the moment and have all the time in the world to do as many training sessions as possible, but that’s not actually the case, I decided 9 weeks ago that I was finally putting ME first, getting me fit & healthy is probably one the most important things I could do for my family. If you have been thinking about getting fit and healthy but feel you haven’t the time, make the time, believe me it is possible and your WHOLE family will benefit from it!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!

Amanda 8 week in!
Me – 8 Weeks in! 


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