Day 57 – Measurements & Weigh In Number 2

DAY 57 – Friday 23rd June – MEASUREMENTS & WEIGH IN NO.2

I was chatting to one of the Mum’s at the school this morning, it’s funny how we all have our own ‘insecurities’… the Mum in question is slim, pretty and always dresses beautifully but she said this morning she’d be a bit embaressed going to the sports day today because she’ll be dressed in a dress to go to work afterwards. I must have had that puzzled look on my face because she went on to explain that she would NEVER wear a dress in Ireland unless she was going to a wedding. I told her I am DYING to wear casual dresses etc and we had a giggle, no matter what size shape or weight you are, each of us have our own insecurities about the way we look, not just overweight ladies, ALL LADIES!! It’s an awful shame really…. I really hope when I get to my goal that I will not have only loss inches/weight but a lot of my insecurities and self doubt!! Fair enough there will still be clothes that don’t suit me but by hook or by crook I want to have a large selection of clothes to select from, dresses, trousers, shorts, jeans, tops etc 😊 she ended up in lovely trousers and a top!!

So today was measurements day and my 1st pt session with Shane since his holiday!! The last 4 weeks work has resulted in a loss of 9.25” and 9lbs!! Overall total is 19” & 21lbs!! I think that is phenomenal!! I wasn’t nervous before I got to the studio but while I stood there waiting to have all the measurements taken I got extremely nervous!! Why I’ve no idea!! When he told me the results I was pretty chuffed. I can’t believe it has only been 8 weeks and such amazing healthy results!!! After PT I met my Mam in Aldi, I told her my measurements and she was thrilled but she asked me was I disappointed? I said no I wasn’t at all, I was thrilled but I felt RAW, I felt like I needed to cry, I felt like I wanted to scream from the top of a mountain Thank You Shane, Susan, all at Sprint Spinning Studio and to everyone who has encouraged me along the way. I know it’s me doing the hard work but without the support from everyone I know I would have given up 8 weeks ago!! I had told Susan I’d do a video for her afterwards but I couldn’t, I felt so emotional about the whole situation. It was all in a good way. Shane gave me (the smallest) bottle of sparkling wine and told me I could have 1/2 of it to celebrate… it was such a lovely gesture and made me even more emotional 😁😁😁  Just thinking back over the last 9 weeks, it’s been relatively easy to do, now the training sessions aren’t easy but they have all been enjoyable, manageable and I haven’t actually collapsed during any, which is a bonus… but overall it’s been relatively easy. The food is tasty and thankfully I haven’t had to deal with cravings (mainly because I know Shane is watching and I’d be afraid to even lick a bit of chocolate!!) 😎😎 The hardest part has been mentally, although I am in a much better place than I’ve probably ever been before, my mind over-thinks things or over-analyses things, it allows self doubt in and can be an emotional wreck at times… but in saying that I am so much stronger now than I was 9 weeks ago, both mentally and physically. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that getting fit and healthy is doable, even for someone like me (the old me), couch potato, chocolate addict, non exerciser… IT IS SOOO DOABLE!!

We went on then and did our Personal Training session, which this week we did in the Arklow studio. The first part was ok, second half was actual TORTURE. He made me do sprints… I had to lie flat on my tummy, jump up and sprint to the end, lie flat, jump up and sprint to the top…. over and over and over again. I honestly thought I would collapse… the breathing kills me, It is getting better but I honestly don’t know why I get panicked when my breath goes and I’m panting, I know it is all part of the exercising and once I stop and calm down I will be grand, but I still get so panicked. Shane was saying I tense up too which makes it worse, I really need to work on the breathing or bring an oxygen bottle with me……

We decided to increase my training sessions, so starting this coming week I’m going to do a spinning class on friday at 10am then pt straight after… Friday 30th June will actually be the day I collapse during training 😊😊


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