Day 58 – Dress Shopping & Day 59 – Best Pace Award!

DAY 58 – Saturday 24th June – DRESS SHOPPING

Today as I was still on a high, I decided to go shopping for a dress for my outing to Áras an Uachtaráin on Tuesday. I went into Gorey with a friend. I had a quick browse in a couple of the boutiques but nothing jumped out at me. I knew I was still too big for a lot of the dresses we seen. I stood outside Liz Collins boutique and contemplated going in, then I was spotted by a friend who works in there. I went into the shop and just stood there, they have beautiful dresses but I thought even with my 19” loss, nothing was going to fit me so when Amanda, the sales person came over with an arm full of dresses I was a bit surprised they were for me! I literally started shaking with nervousness, seriously I was going to try on clothes not go through torture!! Some dresses fit but some didn’t and without getting down about it, I just kept trying on another. She handed me in a jumpsuit then and my first reaction was ‘I’ve never worn a jumpsuit’!! I tried it on and well it fit like a glove. I couldn’t believe it, I honestly thought I’d be walking out empty handed!! Amanda thought it looked gorgeous, my friend did too and as it turned out my Mother & Aunty had just walked into the boutique, Mam was a bit unsure, just because I’ve never worn one before but Aunty Ann loved it. So I bought it. I bought shoes too but when I tried the whole outfit on they didn’t look good so I had nude shoes at home which go perfect with it. Now to get the hair done on Monday and I’ll be all sorted 😊😊

It may sound silly but I felt physically sick at the thoughts of trying on clothes, especially with my friend there and knowing the sales lady. I know I have done amazing with both the inch loss & weightloss in just 8 weeks, I was trying to tell myself that I’ve a better chance of fitting into an outfit today than I did 9 weeks ago!! It was still nerve wrecking though. I can’t wait to be down to a better size where a lot more dresses fit me and the good thing is I know it can and will happen 😁 We have a wedding in Sept and I am determined to buy a stunning dress in Liz Collins for it!!

I had spinning with Shane this morning, surprisingly I felt grand after our PT session yesterday, no aches but then as the day wore on every muscle in my body started aching, I think I’ve developed new muscles in my shoulders because they’re even sore!!! All good though, I’m definitely going to bed on a high tonight 😁😁

Amanda Jumpsuit

DAY 59 – Sunday 25th June – BEST PACE AWARD

Oh yes the aches were very real this morning!! My shoulders are aching, they haven’t ached at all before… holy god what is he (Shane) doing to me 😅😅😅 I went up Tara Hill with my friend Emma and the dogs this morning, she must have been in a rush because we walked a lot quicker today and managed to do the whole thing in 54 mins!! Ha ha I even received a Best Pace award from my Samsung Health app 😊😊 The only problem is Shane has decided that as part of my training we will ‘do’ Tara Hill together, but the 1st time we do it, he wants me to knock 10mins off my time!! I should really keep todays time a secret 😁😁😁

This afternoon we went to a family fun day and I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen in a while, she complimented me and all my hard work and suggested I do Croghan with her some day soon 😊 Another friend I was chatting to today mentioned doing the Bay 10k next year with her. For years I’ve envied (not in a bad way) friends for the different runs they do, always thinking ‘I’d love to be able to do that’ well hopefully it’s within reach (of my VERY long arms!!) There are so many places I want to do, I’ve told Sean we’ll do the Sugar Loaf over the summer. The year I turn 40 I would like to do the Camino Walk. I’ve always wanted to do Lugnaquilla too… jainey mac I best get better at Tara Hill in order to have any chance of doing anywhere else!!

I’m looking forward to the coming week, the garden party in Áras an Uachtaráin, the extra training session and it’s the last week of school… woohoo 😊😊


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