Day 61 – Garden Party At Áras An Uachtaráin!

DAY 61 – Tuesday 27th June – GARDEN PARTY

When I woke this morning and seen the rain, I could have cried. Needless to say I didn’t go up Tara Hill!! I did go to my Small Group Personal Training in Oceo Spa, Seafield Hotel, we had such a laugh, I honestly thought Shane was going to keep us longer to make up for the messing!! We did however do press-ups today!! They are friggin hard… and seriously sore on the upper arms, I bet I won’t be able to lift a spoon tomorrow!! Thanks Shane 😁

After Group PT I had to go home and get ready to go to the Garden Party in Aras an Uachtarain. I was nervous going on my own but then I received an email to say I could bring someone, so my Mam was in the shower before I could even finish reading the email 😁 So we both got ready and headed off. We had such a lovely afternoon wandering around the gardens, meeting President Michael D. Higgins and Sabina Higgins, having refreshments and enjoying a great roundup of music. I have to say that I haven’t felt so comfortable and confident dressed up at a social event in such a long time, actually the last time was when I was 11 weeks pregnant, back in 2009!!

The refreshments were fruit, sandwiches, tiny scones with cream & strawberries, desserts and cakes. I had 3x sandwich triangles, 1x strawberry scone, fruit, oh and little prawn tartlet and salmon on brown bread. It was all delicious, very small but perfect for the afternoon. Seemingly the desserts, cakes and chocolate covered strawberries were delicious, I actually resisted having any of the ‘bold’ stuff!! I know Shane is prob reading this thinking ‘what do you mean you resisted?? THEY ARE FORBIDDEN!!’ And yes I do know that but what I was actually thinking about was the fact that I have gone over 2 months now without chocolate etc and I wasn’t going to break it today, I didn’t want anything to put a dampner on my fabulous mood 😊😊


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