Day 62 – I Don’t Feel Fat!

DAY 62 – Wednesday 28th June –  I DON’T FEEL FAT!

I was determined to do better on my time up Tara Hill today, so I walked up nice and fast and as soon as I reached the top I turned around and jogged back down. I knocked 2 mins off my time from Monday. I was really happy 😊  I know Shane’s plan is eventually to have me run up the hill, at this point in time even though I feel fitter and stronger than I’ve ever felt before, I honestly don’t know if running up Tara Hill is possible though. I do however trust Shane and if and when he feels I’m ready to attempt to run up Tara Hill then I will do my best, like all the other challenges he’s thrown at me 😁😁

Tara Hill 4

Afterwards I did a spinning class, there was just a few of us at the class so Susan, from Sprint Spinning Studio (Shane’s wife) decided we’d do a spur of the moment ‘Glow Spin’ ha ha it was cool!! I am definitely going to go to a ‘scheduled’ one soon!!

Glow Amanda, Shane , Sue
Glow Spin  – Me, Shane & Susan!

Today is the first day in a very long time that I don’t feel ‘fat’. I don’t feel slim or skinny and I know I’ve still a good long way to go but for today I don’t feel fat!! And it feels good, it feels so good I want it to last forever 😊😊



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