Days 60 – I Jogged!! (Downhill, but still!!)

DAY 60 – Monday 26th June 2017 – I Jogged!! (Downhill but still!!)

Today is a great day 😊 I got up this morning and went up Tara Hill about 6.30am, I didn’t go around the top of it, but I walked faster up to the top and jogged down it!! All the way down it… I know it’s downhill but still it’s 1.36km!! And it’s a start 😊

Spinning at 10am was great fun, as usual, Shane is well and trully back from his holiers!! I got lots of compliments today, ladies who had read about my loss… I was even told I’m inspiring one of them to get out spinning 😊😊 Thanks Ladies xx Afterwards we were yapping, as we do, we were saying how great the spinning is for weight loss, exercising and your mental health. One lady even said she only comes because it’s so much fun at Sprint Spinning Studio, it doesn’t feel like an exercise class, until your in the thick of it and Shane is roaring at you to go faster… but it is fun, 45 mins of hardwork and fun 😊 and a lovely bunch of women/men 😊😊

Sitting here in the hairdressers, being pampered and made look beautiful 😅😅 Don’t you just love getting your hair done!! Anyhow the garden party is fast approaching and the butterflies have taken up residence in my tummy!!! I’m not shy, well sometimes I can be 🙈 😊but sometimes I’m not great at walking into a room/garden where I may not know anyone… I’m hoping I do recognise someone, I’m sure I will. It’s a ‘Creative’ Garden Party so I am presuming I received the invitation because I made a hat for Sabina last year. So I think I know a few other designers who have also had Sabina wear their designs, I’m hoping I’ll know someone 😊😊 I’m not even worried about the food, I’d imagine it’ll be finger food with a healthy summery theme to it but if it’s burgers and hot dogs I’ll just say ‘No Thank You’ and I’m driving so sparkling water will be just perfect 😊 I kind of invited myself to a friend’s house afterwards, for dinner, her words were ‘we’ll be having steamed veg & grilled chicken’ PERFECT 😁😁

The food hasn’t really been an issue since Shane said it to me about thinking of it as only being an energy source and that’s it! I’ve even stopped the banana going to a training session and the apple after, I still have them but I don’t associate them with the training. I have my banana most mornings with my breakfast and the apple slots in for the mid-morning or afternoon slump 😊 I’ll gladly have a coffee on its own with no biscuit/choc/cake. I make sure I always have the makings of even a simple salad in the fridge, for dinner last night we were having steak, pepper sauce and chips, obviously I didn’t have the chips but a super tasty salad. Friends were staying with us for the weekend and luckily I didn’t have time to think (or overthink) about it, we had pizza & salad on Friday, went to the Amber Springs for lunch on Sat and had lasagne & salad on Sat evening. They had peanuts and other munchies Sat night but I wasn’t bothered. I have realised a lot of my eating was out of pure boredom. I really could kick myself for only realising and facing up to it at 38yrs of age!!!


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