Days 64 – 71: Synopsis Of The Week!!

DAYS 64 – Friday 30th June – Day 71 Friday 7th July: SYNOPSIS OF  THE WEEK!!

This week has been super crazy busy and I just haven’t managed to sit down and write a log at all. Today is the start of Week 11… let me rewind and fill you in on the past week 😊

Last Friday I did an early morning Personal Training session with Shane from Sprint followed by a spinning class… surprisingly enough I survived!! I still amaze myself some days 😅😅 Personal Training was, as usual, tough, Shane made me do step ups onto a bench holding what felt like a tonne in each arm, if nothing else, my arms will be longer 😅😅 I was asked during the week do I like the Personal Training and my reply was ‘I love it and hate it in equal measures’ but looking back that’s incorrect, I actually think I love it more than I hate it 🙈 I love that Shane pushes me further than my head thinks is possible, I love that I work so friggin hard my heart is racing, I’m perspiring profusely and I am fit for bed afterwards. I love walking out knowing I’ve worked hard and I love the feeling I get afterwards, probably similar to those who have climbed Everest 😅😅 What do I hate? The few minutes before the class when my mind starts thinking ‘wtf will he make me do today?’, during the class when he says ‘keep going’ and I’m literally hanging and mostly when my head gives in before my body!! I definitely want to keep up the Personal Training even after I’ve reached my goals etc. I’d recommend Personal Training at Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio to anyone who is struggling to get into any kind of exercise programme or weightloss programme!!

We decided last week to crank up the training a bit so for the last week I did 7 training sessions (1 PT, 1 Small Group PT at Oceo Spa, 5 Spinning classes) I’ve loved it and yes I am a little more tired and achy but I’ve made sure I’ve gone to bed earlier and slept well! Shane mentioned last week that he wants me to eventually run up Tara Hill, wants me to do it in 30+ mins, so on Sunday I did it in 53mins, Monday (thanks to a sickle wielding Man at the top of the hill) I did it in 44mins, then on Wed I did it in 43 mins!! That was walking fast up, jogging around some of the top part and jogging & running all the way down! How I will ever run up it I do not know, BUT I know if Shane has anything to do with it, I will!!

amand Sue Emma TH
Me, Susan & Emma at Tara Hill!

Yesterday at PT we spoke about the training etc and then the food side of things. Breakfast, lunch, dinner I’m fine with… not a bother, even if I’m out I now know my portion size and what I can and can’t have. However, I told him I still have a battle in my head over ‘sweet stuff’… I haven’t broken my plan at all (fear of Shane is greater than the want for sugar) but I’m still drawn to the fresh cakes, jellies, ice-cream etc… I know I don’t NEED them and I tell myself not to even bother looking but it’s like a magnet!! It’s not that I am standing there saying to myself ‘get one, don’t get one, get one, don’t get one’ It’s more this love/hate thing going on… ‘you made me like this/but you really enjoyed eating us’… like how deranged does that make me sound?? People have said ‘but you will be able to have a cake or an icecream etc after all this’ and THAT SCARES ME!! So basically I tried to explain this all to Shane, trying to keep him from thinking I was a TOTAL BASKET CASE, and we both agreed that it’s something we have to work on over the coming months, so when I am ‘out on my own’ I’ll be well equipped to deal with the battles and hopefully they’ll be ‘less’ by then!!
Just writing that upset me but after chatting with a friend I have a nice little statement that will hopefully just shut those battles up… ‘wow that looks indulgent, I’m not having any!’ I’ll try anything 😊

I managed to get myself to the 6.30am spinning class on Wednesday morning in Sprint Spinning Studio Arklow, as with all the other spinning classes, there is no mercy shown, even though it’s the middle of the night!! It was great walking out at 7.15am knowing I’d done my training for the day!!

Sprint Car 6.30am Arklow
Me & some of the 6.30am Arklow Spinners


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