Week 11 – Toughest So Far!!!

So, from now I will be doing weekly blog posts!

This last week was probably the hardest week so far on my journey!! All my training sessions went well, albeit hard but I pushed through and completed all 7!! At the beginning of the week I constantly felt hungry, like I could eat my weight in sugar!! I felt drawn to chocolate, cream cakes and sweets… I didn’t falter and stuck to my eating plan but I wasn’t myself. I also felt completely exhausted, that exhaustion that gives you headaches and makes you want to take naps morning, noon and night!! So needless to say after doing Tara Hill on Sunday morning, I didn’t do it again for the rest of the week!! I kept making excuses, too tired… no energy… too late… you know what I’m talking about!! So a full week later I was feeling pretty crap about not doing Tara Hill and realised all I’d done all week was make excuses, I felt the old me was slipping back in…. so I got my gear on and got myself up Tara Hill. It was tough, my legs ached, my breathing was heavy but I pushed through it all AND broke my last record!! I managed to knock 1min 14secs off my last time… which I thought was pretty impressive. During the week I did get my period for the 2nd time, 28 days after my 1st one so that does kindof explain the sugar cravings and exhaustion!! However I realised it’s not an excuse!! Next month hopefully the symptoms will be less but I’ll be stronger and resist the urge to do nothing!!


Getting my period for the 2nd time last week was great, I’m sure I’m part of a small group of ladies who jump for joy when their period arrives 😁😁 Having a regular period is something I’ve always wanted because for me it means I’m healthy and hopefully eventually it will mean another child 😊 Again I’m not getting my hopes up just yet, I’ve still a long way to go. Also with PCOS it can mean I don’t ovulate so although it is great to get regular periods it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be hearing the pitter patter just yet! My hope is to keep having regular periods right up to my apt with Holles Street on Oct 5th.

My ‘donate’ clothes pile is getting bigger and bigger but my poor wardrobe is getting bearer by the day!! Two Saturdays ago I went into New Look and bought myself a size 16 top and cardigan. I was thrilled with myself. I don’t want to stay a 16 for too long but it is far better than being an 18/20 which I was, so I was super chuffed. I was in such good form that I then decided to go bra shopping in Tesco!! They do ‘fuller bust’ sizes so armed with about 10 bras I headed into the changing room. The most comfy was a size 38E, my 3 old bras were a 38J…. that’s 4 sizes smaller!!! I’ve always had big boobs and would be very surprised if they totally disappeared so my goal for them is to get down to a 36D or there abouts!! I bought 7 bras in various colours, I even got some in the sale, in total they came to €52.50!! The last time I bought 1 bra it cost me €48!!!

I’m into my 12th week now so that means weight/measurements taken at the end of it!! This week I have felt bloated and big but know that it is just due to my period. I took my photo on Thursday and although I cannot see a major difference the thing that was obvious was that I need a new smaller top 😁😁




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