Week 12/13 – Measurements Week!!

Monday 17th July – Monday 24th July 2017

I went up Tara Hill again on Monday last week, and ran even more than the Sunday night, I knocked 2mins 27secs off my time!! I was absolutely chuffed and delighted with myself. The 1st time I did Tara Hill my time was 59mins!! I have gotten my time down to 38mins 26secs for 4.2km!! Considering nearly half of that is uphill I think that’s pretty darn good!! Going forward I just want to keep it in the 30mins bracket. I’m not setting myself a time goal as of yet as I’m not sure what’s achievable. I really want to bottle the feeling I had after I finished, it was amazing, it’s what I am doing all this for!! I swear I felt like I had overcome such a huge hurdle, more than just breaking my record!!

This week has been far better than last week, I’ve had no desire to eat my weight in sugar however I have had a good think about my feelings last week!! It probably sounds completely bonkers but I was speaking to another woman on Wednesday who was basically saying she feels the same, so maybe I’m not completely crazy… so what were my thoughts??? 12 weeks ago when I started on this journey and knew what my eating plan and training plan was going to be and although Shane did advise me that it could be slow and steady weight/inch loss, I think my mind thought differently!! I think I thought that in 12 weeks time there’ll be this massive difference, now., when you look at the photos, yes there is a massive difference!! BUT in my head, my body, my feelings the differences aren’t that massive!! Now it’s not that I look at myself and see a ‘morbidly obese’ woman, I see the difference, a big one, I do, and you will too when you see all my photos lined up together! BUT, I am still in some of the same clothes, I still take up the same amount of space on the couch, I still don’t feel I could go into a shop and buy a really nice dress that I would be 100% happy in. I think I thought the weight would just fall off in lumps, I thought with the amount of training I was going to be doing after doing absolutely nothing for so long, the difference would be more extreme!! Thankfully however as I was running down Tara Hill on Sunday I realised all of this and by the time I got to the bottom I had an acceptance of where I am right now. That felt good!! I subconsciously had an unrealistic image or goal set in my head… it was ludicrous and not in a million years would I have admitted it was there. I am so much happier this week, the differences are massive, my weight/inch loss is steady and is completely healthy so that’s whats important!! I am losing weight and inches the best way possible, with healthy and most importantly sustainable eating habits and exercise, taught to me by Shane from Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio. Slow and steady wins the race!

Tomorrow is measurements day… the 3rd of 5!! I don’t know how I feel about it, we’ve increased the training but I think my body is starting to tone up as oppose to loose the fat!! I would love to be down at least 7lbs… that would bring me over 2st lost, I’d be delighted with that!! As for inches, just as long as there’s a few gone I’ll be happy 😁 I’m doing a spinning class before PT… will have to go easy on the water… ha ha just try and sweat the last few ounces out of me 😉😉

Well the measurements are in and I was happy 😊 I lost 6lbs and 2.5 inches. A little disappointed to be 1lb away from loosing 2st!!! Stubborn fat!! 😁😁 Deep down, I was thrilled though, like 1st 13lbs is a lot of weight to have lost, it’s HUGE!! I am really happy that I have done it in a healthy way and that it’s coming off all over by body and some bits are starting to firm up slightly so that feels really good!! PT was hard as usual, Shane showed me how to do a Pike using a stability ball. I did it and not only 1, I did 7!! I was pretty chuffed, Shane was pretty chuffed too, so it was a good day all in all 😁😁

Saturday we were invited to a family bbq, so I headed into Tesco to try get some new clothes… I ended up with trousers and a top and was only delighted to be buying a size 16 trousers and size 14 top!! I am definiytely out of the 18-20 range and I couldn’t be happier! I felt amazing heading out to the bbq, which was great fun!!

Sunday I was quite tired after a very late night but I wasn’t hungover thanks to staying on water for the bbq!! Anyhow, eventually I decided to head up Tara Hill, well my Dad came out to me and was putting on his runners ‘right I’m ready lets go’ so I really had no choice but was so glad after doing it!! As Shane always says “the hardest part is putting on the gear!” 
temp-1 (1)
Me & My Dad up Tara Hill!
So I headed into spinning this morning (Monday 24th July) all happy and enthusiastic, was greeted by the lovely Shane (my personal trainer), and well my happiness and enthusiasm were shoved right back out the door!! His exact words were “we’re not doing PT tomorrow, we’re running up Tara Hill, see you there at 8.30am” ….I walked away in a haze thinking ‘he’s finally going to kill me off!’ 😅😅😅 I’ve practically thought of nothing else all day, however a friend did say ‘he wouldn’t be making you do it if he didn’t feel you were ready’…. so I’m clinging onto that. Tonight I went up the hill with Hubby, I didn’t break my record but still stayed in the 30’s so I’m happy with that!!
Monday morning Spinning – happy birthday to a fellow spinner, Mary 🙂 




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