Week 13/14 – A Run Up Tara Hill!

Tuesday 25th July – Tuesday 1st August 2017
Tuesday morning last week was the toughest training session I have ever done!! I met Shane (personal trainer from Sprint Spinning & Personal Training) at the Tara Hill car park, and he began by sussing out where my head was at, I felt scared and nervous, I knew he would push me beyond my limits but I felt safe, as he is an amazing trainer and somehow makes me feel like I can do it! So we headed up the hill, walking the very first part, then broke into a jog (up the steepest incline!!) I surprised myself with how far I managed to get, it was great having someone right beside me constantly encouraging me, as Shane does so well, (even if he did hold a gun to my back!) There were times when I just could not jog so we kept moving but took long strides, then we’d break into another jog. I was trying to focus on controlling my breathing, I was trying to not let negative feelings take over, which they did a couple of times!! After we had reached the top and were going around the top, we came to the last incline, Shane said ‘I don’t mind you collapsing at the top, just as long as you jog to the top’… that was definitely the hardest part for me, I made it to the top (I didn’t collapse) but I did need to cling onto him for a few meters!! Then it was all down hill… when we finally got to the car park I honestly thought my lungs were going to explode but by god did I feel good!! We knocked 1min 45secs off my previous record, which is a huge amount. I was so chuffed and proud that I had done it and hadn’t given up. I think Shane was proud of me too! 😁😁😁
temp-2 (3)
Shane & I !
temp-1 (3)
Me…Post Tara Hill Run!

All Tuesday and Wednesday I was on a complete high, I was exhausted but still managed to go cycling with my son, Sean and do a Spinning class in Sprint Spinning Studio on Tuesday evening. Wednesday in between the highs I had mini panic attacks about when Shane would expect me to do that again and how quick I’d have to do it…. but he assured me that it’ll be a long way off 😊
I think I mentioned before that my 7 year old son, Sean started riding his bike this week and he is absolutely loving it, so each afternoon/evening we’ve both gotten out and went for a cycle, he cycles laps around me but I don’t mind, I feel I am doing enough to warrant a leisurely cycle with my son 😊 He is having a ball though and getting lots of exercise, which is making me happy. I really really want Sean to grow up with a healthy attitude towards exercise and diet… we have had quite a few conversations this week about why I am doing all this training, why I didn’t do exercise for a long time, why my diet was so bad etc and I think it’s important for him to know the truth and then hopefully he will develop a healthy attitude to exercise and diet… hopefully 😊

temp-0 (5)
Sean & I


On Thursday morning,  I got myself up Tara Hill again, I did incorporate a few more jogs than I would have done previously on my own, and I really pushed myself coming down the hill. It was tough, my legs and lungs still ached from Tuesday but I did manage to knock 9 secs off my previous ‘alone’ record. Shane reckons setting a goal of completing the hill in 30mins is very doable for me!! So currently my ‘alone’ time is 38mins 17secs… and my time with Shane was 36mins 41secs… for now my goal is to beat ‘our’ time then I’ll get focused on the 30min goal!! I need to set a time frame for it… will work on that this coming week 😊

I’m not sure if anyone can tell but my ‘thinking’ has changed since Tuesday, I was explaining it to Shane on Friday (actually sometimes I wonder what he writes down in his notes on me after our Personal Training session’s, WORKED HARD BUT GETTING MORE BONKERS BY THE WEEK! 😊) I feel since our run, it’s less about the weight loss and more about the getting fit & healthy, I know it’s pretty much the same, but up until now my main focus has been getting to a certain size/weight or how I look. Now I feel like it’s about how far can I go? Can I get fit and healthy enough to be able to run a 5k? 10k? I want to get to the point where I want to exercise regularly, challenge myself to take part in different athletic events etc. Yes I want to be a size 12, but that will come if I keep training and eating healthily, I still want to have the chance to have another baby but my focus is just changing and I personally think this is a gigantic step… for 20+ yrs I have been ‘dieting’ to loose weight but now I want to train to be healthy. I thank Sprint Spinning Studio for that 🙂

I met an old friend on Wed who would be fit and healthy and she said she would even find running/jogging Tara Hill tough, she said it a few times so she must have really meant it!! Anyhow it made me feel really proud, I find it hard still to take compliments and to acknowledge to myself that I am doing well, but this week I am proud. Yes I am still very NOT proud of how I ended up being 16st 6lbs, but I am proud that everyday since starting my weight loss journey I have tried my hardest to stick to my eating plan or give it my all at training. It has probably been the hardest 3mths but the most rewarding of my life, thinking of the long term benefits.

So I was asked would I do Hell and Back in September, since been asked my tummy has been sick thinking about it, I’ve looked at the videos, read the blogs and still I feel sick. I desperately want to do something to mark the end of my 5mth weightloss journey with Sprint Spinning Studio but H&B is not sitting well with me. I know it would be super hard and challenging but the thoughts of getting shot, electricuted and covered in muck all the while trying to get to the finish line is just way beyond what I think I could handle. So I’m looking at doing a 10k run in October and I am really excited about that, I’ll talk to Shane and then hopefully book my place by the end of the week!

On Friday last, the 28th July,  I had personal training with Shane, then spinning, I felt great after doing the ‘double’ class but there was times during the PT that I felt I gave up too soon!! Anyhow I did manage to do a few more ‘pikes’ on a stability ball which was pretty cool 😊 Then Saturday I did my spinning class and Sunday was a rest day, I was still exhausted from Tuesday so I took Sunday off… it’s funny though I did feel kinda guilty not doing anything!! Monday,  I went spinning and in the evening I brought Sean cycling, instead of me cycling I started jogging… I jogged around the duck pond in Arklow, felt that wasn’t quite enough so I did 4 laps of the running track, without stopping!! I always thought I’d hate running around the track but there was something quite therapeutic about it!! Also, Sean could out lap me many times over on his bike which was great, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

I’m heading in shortly for my Tuesday Personal Training session with Shane and to chat about the running 😊 Shane introduced another new exercise and holy bleedin moly, I can barely sit on the loo!! My legs are in a complete heap!! Anyhow we spoke about the running and doing a 10k and he said “BOOK IT”… so I did!! Sunday 10th October in the Pheonix Park I’ll be running/jogging for the Marie Keating foundation. I am like a child waiting for Christmas… the excitement is unreal!! A few friends have also registered which is great but I will be making sure they hold back behind me!!! 😅😅😅 “It’s not a race Amanda, it’s not a race!!” 😉 We also spoke about going back to being SUPER STRICT with the eating plan… although I have stayed on track and not touched a bit of junk food, I need to go back to the start and start weighing everything and talking note of every crumb that passes my lips. Also I need to up my water, I was doing great most days getting in at least 3ltrs, it has slipped just a little but still from today it’s back to the 3lts!!

It’s Booked!




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