Week 16 – “Don’t Look So Nervous”

Week 16 – 11th – 18th August 2017

This last week was a great week, my periods came and went and they are very ‘manageable’… I suppose when I was getting them so irregularly they would have been very heavy and unpredictable!! This month they were fine 😁

I really get a lot out of the Personal Training with Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio, not only training, but learning about different things, or talking through my fears etc with Shane!! We spoke about different ‘fitness nutrition snacks’ today and well the advice he gave to me was ‘stay away from them’… stick to what I’m doing until he tells me otherwise!!

Friday evening myself and Sean along with friends went to an outdoor cinema, in a field, up a mountain. Ok so there was no exercise involved but it did require sitting on a picnic blanket for a couple of hours. It may sound really silly but when I was heavier/fatter/more obese the thoughts of getting down onto a blanket and back up would have turned me off going in the first place!! We went, we sat, we had fun and we enjoyed it, I love that my weightloss is opening up new adventures!!

I’m sitting here thinking back to 4 months ago, my initial consultation with Shane, I had spoken to Susan (from Sprint) prior to the consultation and had given her a bit of my background. She knew I was very self conscious about my weight and going to a gym was a no no!! So I was to meet Shane, I got there early, ordered a coffee and sat anxiously waiting for him. At the time I didn’t really know why I was nervous but looking back on it I think it was mainly the fact that we were going to be discussing the one thing I was ashamed of… my weight!! I can imagine no-one likes to be told yes they need to loose weight or change their lifestyle… least of all me!! Shane arrived, ordered coffee, turned to me and said ‘don’t look so nervous, relax, we’re just going to talk!!’ Once we started talking and answering questions, I became totally relaxed, not once did I feel like Shane was judging me and even since then I’ve never felt that. We talked about the training plan and the eating plan. He explained the not so complicated way our body’s work and how things were going to be from then on. We chatted and yes there were moments when I was really embarrassed, but I felt I had taken the 1st step to undo all the bad and was fully committed to achieving my goal. I left Shane with a spring in my step, I was excited, slightly nervous but determined to give this my all!!

That was 4months ago!! Since then I have completely changed my eating habits, I started out doing 5 training sessions a week, 3 spinning, 1 Small Group Personal Training & 1 One To One Personal Training session. It was a lot to start with but we had and have a deadline to work towards, I could give the time to training and we had committed financially to it. The 1st few weeks although they were tough, I think adrenaline got me through. After a month or two we increased the training to 7 sessions, again this was done because I felt I could do more and commit to more and that’s one of the things I love about having a Personal Trainer, we talk through the plan and if Shane thought I was doing too much he would pull me back or if I needed a slight kick up the backside he would and does happily oblige 😊 I think the key to my success so far has been having a Personal Trainer… honestly, I would never have thought that I would ever have my own Personal Trainer, but he is worth every penny, it’s not even that expensive, considering I had paid a fortune to slimming world/unislim/weight watchers over the years and didn’t achieve the results I’m achieving now. Not only am I eating right, I am exercising right, I am loosing weight in the right way, I will learn how I can continue on this road for life, so no more yo yo diets, or doing an injury at a gym class or wasting money on things that don’t work…… for as long as I can I will have a Personal Trainer 😊 You need one too, I think everyone does….but the right one!!!

The rest of the week was good, I felt I pushed myself harder in each of the spinning classes at Sprint Spinning Studio, I was happy with the work we did in the PT and then outside of that I did a few runs.

Tomorrow is measurements day… I’m a little nervous about it, I know there is going to be a difference but I’m really not sure if it will be much… I would love to get down into the 13st mark but I think that is being a little optimistic!! However, as long as it’s decreasing and the inches are decreasing I’ll be happy!! This last month I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my clothes but I’ve been wearing a lot of leggings and tops, I have bought size 16 clothes because I am completely out of my old size 20 wardrobe!! I certainly feel and look slimmer… the weekly photos are incredible!! We shall just have to wait and see what tomorrow will bring 😁😁😁



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